DataHub Aggregation Use Cases & Benefits

Why Aggregate Data?

DataHub is a low latency aggregator that can process 100,000 point changes per second, bringing these benefits
  • Protect control networks from multiple clients requesting the same data
  • Deliver unified data namespaces where data comes from multiple sources
  • Reduce number of connections to a data source, which sometimes reduces license costs on source applications
  • Single connection for client applications 
  • Ease of data integration with any other DataHub feature
  • Automatically included in all DataHub Solution Packs and Licenses
  • If you can get the data into DataHub, you can aggregate it
Learn more about common uses cases on this page. 

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Eliminate DCOM and Securely Aggregate OPC Servers 

If you're using OPC DA, you probably know that networking OPC DA can be a challenge due to DCOM.  Using DataHub's secure tunneling you can eliminate DCOM while bringing different OPC datasets, including combining OPC DA and OPC UA data, into a common dataset for consumption by your OPC clients. 

DataHub's resilient network issue recovery and real-time low latency processing of data changes insures your automation system runs at the speed it needs with the resilience applications demand.

Serve Multiple OPC Clients, Quickly 

If you're using OPC in devices, or even using OPC server software to serve data to clients, it's important to keep control systems doing their job, and HMI/SCADA/MES systems from interfering. 

When you use DataHub aggregation, no matter what kind of data source you are aggregating, the DataHub gets the data to clients quickly, but keeps them from asking from data too quickly. 

Case Study - Pharmaceutical Plant 

Learn how TEVA Pharmaceuticals in Hungary securely aggregated data from YOKOGAWA DCS and GE PLC control systems, connected to a number of distributed SCADA workstations. The aggregation reduced data volume which helped with limited capacity on firewalls that the data had to pass through.



OPC A&E and OPC UA A&C Alarm Integration

Delivering a helpful and appropriate view of alarms requires bringing multiple alarm and event or condition sources together into a consolidated view.  When you aggregate into a common view you also reduce network traffic when multiple clients need the data. 

DataHub's secure tunneling, rapid recovery from network interruptions, and real-time data transfers insure the data gets through efficiently, reliably, and resiliently. 

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