Generate Alarms & Notifications from DataHub, Leverage Standards

From Basic Notification to Alarm Generation, Tunneling, Redundancy, & Aggregation

DataHub has always had the ability to send email notifications based off data changes and conditions. 

Starting with V10  the new Alarm & Notifications feature, there are many more powerful things you can accomplish including generation of alarms and alarm lifecycle management.  The strength of DataHub comes from it's ability to use many types of data sources and do more than just generate alarms and send notifications. 

A dedication to standards with OPC A&E support and now OPC UA A&C (V10), helps you bring things together with aggregation of alarms, redundancy, and secure tunneling of alarm data.

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Alarms & Notifications Plug-In (V10+)

This feature gives you the ability to augment your alarm sources by generating alarms off of any data you can get into the DataHub.  License this feature along with any DataHub Solutions Pack or other combination of features. 

  • Generate Alarms as the primary source using live data from OPC DA, OPC UA, spreadsheet, Modbus, DDE, and other data sources
  • Define templates for different states and conditions for scalable configuration of 1000's of points easily and automatically
  • Bind the templates to data point changes and emit data point changes and alarms, but also create data points such as Average, Mean, Max, Standard deviation
  • Configure messages and trigger custom scripts.
  • Delivery notifications to other Notification or Callout applications you may already use, using OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C
  • Send notifications by email and SMS.
  • Send notifications via social media (using a Twilio subscription)
  • Send alerts based off external alarm sources, using OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C to connect to the sources


Alarm Aggregation

A strength of DataHub is it's ability to integrate with other alarm sources, aggregate the information, which brings several benefits:

  • Reduce load on data sources when multiple clients need the same data 
  • Protect control networks and data sources by controlling data collection rates in the DataHub vs from the clients (Case study)
  • Some client applications require licenses for each data source you connect to - make DataHub that one data source and reduce your licensing costs for other applications. 
  • Combine data from different sources into namespaces/folders that group data by system, site, etc vs source

Secure Alarm Tunneling

All data is important, but secure accurate moving of alarm information can be critical.  

DataHub's secure tunneling provides a firewall, DMZ & Proxy friendly way to bring your alarm data together without sacrificing performance. 


Alarm Redundancy 

Because alarm data is critical we often encounter applications where there are redundant alarm sources, network paths, OPC servers and clients. 

Using the DataHub redundancy feature, there are a wide range of scenarios that can be implemented to insure the message gets to where it needs to.


Related Feature - Email/SMS Notifcations

The alarms you generate using the V10 Alarm Generation and OPC UA A&C delivery capabilities can also be used with the DataHub Email/SMS feature for an alternate notification delivery mechanism.

Learn the difference between Email/SMS and Alarms/Notifications DataHub Features


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