DataHub Database Integration Functionality

Log Data and Query Any SQL Database, Integrate OPC & More

Source or send any data you can get into DataHub, including MQTT, IoT, OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC A&E, OPC A&C, Modbus, Excel, DDE & more
  • Log
    • Send to any ODBC compliant database including Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle & more
    • Use existing tables or create new ones 
    • Log based on timing or data changes

  • Query 
    • Any ODBC compliant database, same as logging
    • Use SQL queries or stored procedures 
    • Create tags in DataHub with the query results

Store and Forward 

To avoid data loss, the DataHub includes a store and forward capability.

  • User-configurable size of storage & configuration location
  • Configurable retry delay for the database connection
  • Configurable handling of duplicate data upon reconnect
  • Statistics View for Diagnostics 

Applications of DataHub Database Integration

Unlike loggers that only work with OPC, the ability to DataHub to securely tunnel data, aggregate from differing sources besides OPC empowers many different types of applications

Some examples:

  • Reading machine and/or batch setup data
  • Data verification
  • Displaying query results in web pages
  • Playing back historical data in the QuickTrend feature



Free Training Videos

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Access the videos below, download a free trial, and engage our technical team if you have questions or need any help.

Database Logging Tutorial

Database Query Tutorial

Modbus Data Logging

Using the DataHub Modbus TCP Ethernet client add-in, you can source data and log it with the DataHub logger without having to add an external OPC server.  

If you also need to also expose your Modbus TCP Ethernet device data to OPC DA or UA clients, you can add logging to your DataHub Modbus OPC Server pack. 

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DataHub Logging Solutions Pack

This solution pack includes these features:

  • OPC DA or OPC UA support
  • Optional DA & UA support
  • Data Logging & Query
  • Aggregation
  • Scripting
  • Security 
  • Quick Trend
  • Secure Remote Configuration
Standard packs offer OPC DA or OPC UA data sources, but packages are available that support both, and to add Modbus, Excel, DDE, MQTT, and other data sources, contact us for a quote.

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