DataHub DDE Client & Server Connections - Modernization to OPC DA, UA, & MQTT

DDE - Not Just for Excel

DataHub has been able to connect and deliver any data in the system, usually OPC data, to Excel spreadsheets using DDE, for many years.  DataHub can read and write Microsoft DDE data sources like Excel.

More modern Excel connections use the Vine Plug-In, but DDE still works as a quick and simple solution.

Used DataHub to modernize DDE Server data sources:

  • Combine with the OPC Gateway to convert DDE to OPC DA or OPC UA
  • Combine with the IoT Gateway to also convert to MQTT & stream to the cloud 


DDE Functionality & More Applications

  • DDE Client - Request, Advise, and Poke supported 
  • DDE Server - define service name and data topics to organize items

Many creative applications when combined with other DataHub features:

  • Tunneling DDE data securely when combined with the DataHub tunneler
  • Logging DDE data to any ODBC/SQL database when combined with the DataHub Logger
  • Incorporating DDE data into InfluxDB, AVEVA Insight, AVEVA Historian, OSIsoft PI, Amazon Kinesis & more when combined with DataHub External Historian 
  • Streaming DDE data to cloud services when combined with the IoT Gateway 

Licensing DataHub DDE

This feature can be added on to any DataHub Solution Pack or included in any custom solution pack. 

The DataHub DDE feature is typically combined with these DataHub Solution Packs

  • Bridging
  • Tunneling
  • Logging
  • OPC Gateway
  • IoT Gateway

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