DataHub Email/SMS Notifications from OPC & Other Data Keep the Right People Informed

Notify From Any Data Source in DataHub

Email/SMS is a feature that can be added to any DataHub Solutions Pack or feature combination you have in a system. 

  • Send via your mail provider's SMTP server with or without SSL/TSL and SMTP authentication
  • Build messages in a point-and-click interface, embedding any datapoint in DataHub
  • Send based on trigger conditions you define, times of day, or regular intervals
  • Create simple messages with text and current values
  • Deadband any monitored point to avoid nuisance notifications
  • Build complex expressions that must be met for a notification to send
  • Format as plain text or HTML
  • Send SMS/Texts using any Email to SMS gateway software or cloud service or by emailing directly to a phone carrier's email to SMS interface

Application Examples & Benefits

  • End-of-day or shift reports 
  • Production target attainment progress updates
  • Eliminate errors, delays, and inconsistent delivery of hand sent email updates with manually collected data
  • Fully integrated with DataHub - no external or other software to configure
  • Populate an Excel spreadsheet, and email the file to key people
  • Notify on OS, hardware & application health 
  • Alert based on data changes in a database
  • Alert on OPC DA or UA data
  • Alert on OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C (V10) data
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Alert on Server or Computer System Health 

Would you rather find out about a potential problem when your system goes down, or when IT gets around to letting you know or when the warning signs appear?

Combining the DataHub System Monitor and Email/SMS features in DataHub can enable you to monitor many things such as:

  • Memory or CPU utilization
  • Available Disk Space
  • Process status
  • Network Interface (NIC) utilization


Alert When Data Stops Flowing

When using DataHub's secure, firewall, DMZ & Proxy friendly tunneling feature, you can combine the self-monitoring and recovery monitoring features included to generate alerts from the Email/SMS feature. 


Related Feature: Alarm Generation and OPC Alarm Delivery

For more advanced users, consider the DataHub V10 Alarm Generation & Notifications and OPC UA Alarms and Conditions (A&C) features to generate OPC A&E and OPC UA A&C based notifications.

Consume them with your favorite Alarm notification application or use the DataHub Email/SMS feature. 

Learn the difference between Email/SMS and Alarms/Notifications DataHub Features

Licensing the Email/SMS Feature

This feature can be added on to any DataHub Solution Pack or included in any custom solution pack. 

The DataHub Email/SMS feature is typically combined with these Solution Packs 

  • Bridging
  • Tunneling
  • Logging
  • System Monitor
  • OPC Gateway
  • IoT Gateway

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