Cogent DataHub Integrates with InfluxDB Open Source, Enterprise, & Cloud 

Integrate Anything in DataHub with InfluxDB

  • Read and write data to InfluxDB
  • Provides an OPC UA HDA Server interface for InfluxDB historical data
  • Supports Open Source (OSS), Enterprise, & Cloud V1 & V2 
  • DataHub installs with InfluxDB OSS
  • Includes Grafana (Dashboards) and Chronograf (Trends) support
  • Data sampling supported - first, last, mean, min, max, min & max
  • Supports secure tunneling of historical data 
  • Store & Forward and replication included
    • Replicate InfluxDB from local to OSS, Cloud, or Enterprise
  • Add to any DataHub Solution Pack 

Use Cases: Local, Network, & Isolated Network Store & Forward

There are many use cases for the InfluxDB External Historian interface in DataHub, including but not limited to:

  • Local storage & reporting
  • Local and network
    • Local storage + cloud or central location
    • MQTT, REST, Kinesis, or any other External Historian
  • Store & forward from an isolated network via DMZ 
    • MQTT, REST, Kinesis, or any other External Historian

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