DataHub Licensing Details

We believe in making the details of how a product is licensed as transparent as possible to help you understand what you receive for your investment  and relationship with Software Toolbox.

The DataHub is typically licensed as a perpetual license with support & maintenance for the first year included in the purchase price.  Support & Maintenance can be renewed annually after your first year and is highly recommended to insure you are running the most secure, robust, and operating system compliant software. Subscription licensing is also available, contact us to discuss and obtain a quote. 

Each computer that you plan to install the DataHub on will require a license for the functionality set you are using. We offer a number of standard solution packs and you can add other features/functionality to those, or we can quote any combination of features. If unsure, the best thing to do is to request a quote, tell us what you're trying to accomplish, and we'll recommend the most cost effective package for your needs. 


  • Solution packs
  • Add-Ons/License by Feature

Bundles of Common Functionality, Easily Expanded

The DataHub Solution Packs on our ordering page provide cost effective, easy-to-understand ways to license the software for users' most common applications.

We can easily add any feature to a Solution Pack or quote any combination of features in the most cost-effective way possible.  Request a quote and tell us what you're trying to accomplish and we'll get in touch. If you'd like to discuss your needs, you can contact us on +1-704-849-2773 or click on the chat button at the bottom right of this page. 

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Purchase What You Need, Grow Over Time, It's That Simple

Most DataHub users start with a Solution Pack, but we can put together any combination of features in a quote. 

When you want to add functionality at a later time,  you just purchase the license for the added features/functions and apply the license code to your installation.  Provided you are on a active support & maintenance agreement, that's all you need to do. 

Just request a quote and tell us what features you want and we'll take it from there.  

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  • Can I transfer my license?
  • How is My License Delivered?
  • Do I Have to Pay Annual Fees to Keep Using My License
  • Can I Add Features to DataHub Later?

Can I Transfer My License?

Our technical support team can assist you in moving your software license to a new machine when/if necessary, provided you are on an active support and maintenance agreement.

Please submit a ticket to our support team, and supply a screenshot or text of your DataHub licenses. 

To help you prepare for moving to a new machine see Transferring DataHub Configurations in our knowledgebase.

DataHub License Delivery

DataHub licenses are delivered electronically via email sent to the person that purchases the license and any additional contacts they designate.

The product installer is the same one used for trial software downloads.

Your product delivery email provides a direct download link and instructions for installing/activating your license. 

We do not deliver physical media (CD/DVD) unless requested at time of order and shipping fees apply. If you require this for IT/corporate policy compliance, be sure to include shipping if buying in our online store. If sending a purchase order please make sure it indicates that you would like physical media shipped. 

If you request physical media, we will still send an electronic delivery so you can get started right away. 

Do I Have to Pay Annual Fees to Keep Using My License

DataHub licenses are perpetual licenses. That means you own the license forever, as opposed to a subscription license where you have to pay an annual fee to keep using it.

You do need to have an active Support & Maintenance Agreement in order to have access to phone and email support and product updates.

In order to be eligible for an up-to-date version of DataHub compatible with the latest technology (i.e. keeping current with Windows OS updates and OPC specification updates), you will need to keep your Support & Maintenance Agreement active. Request a quote here

Subscription licenses are available if your company prefers that licensing model. Please request a quote if interested in this option.

Adding Features Later is Easy

You can add DataHub features to your Solutions Pack or other license by purchasing the additional feature and paying the applicable license fees. 

You will receive an additional license key that you install/activate to turn on the new functionality. 

Your DataHub must be on an active support & maintenance agreement, as all features on a licensed system must have a common support & maintenance renewal date. 

Request a Quote and provide your existing license ID(s) and what features you want to add. 

Get Started Now

This trial software is fully functioning and can be used to update licensed product provided you are on an active support & maintenance agreement.  Once DataHub is started it will run for 1 hour at a time, you can restart the application to reset this timer. Purchasing a license removes the limitation for licensed features. 

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