DataHub Modbus - Instant OPC & MQTT Conversion, Logging & Tunneling

Source Data from Modbus TCP Devices & Automatically Convert to OPC DA and UA

  • Read/write data from devices supporting Modbus TCP directly into DataHub - no intervening OPC server required
  • All points read are automatically available via OPC DA, UA, or both, making DataHub a Modbus TCP OPC Server
  • Add MQTT Sparkplug-B client and Modbus data is automatically converted to be sent to brokers & cloud services 
  • No licensing limits on number of devices or points
  • Configuration through user UI or import 
  • Configurable maximum message length for devices that can handle more than Modbus standard 256 bytes
  • Default port 502, user configurable
  • Asynchronous socket multiplexing to share one connection between multiple devices
  • Or serialize connections for devices that require it
  • Configurable timeouts
  • Read function Codes 1, 2, 3, 4  
  • Write function codes 5, 6, 15, 16, 22
  • Flexible settings for encoding, data type, byte/word/dword swapping and sign/unsigned.

The DataHub Modbus Solution Pack is the way to get started with this feature.

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Many other combinations of DataHub Modbus with other functionality are possible as shown below

Secure Modbus Data Tunneling

Bring SSL/TLS security to your Modbus devices by putting DataHub in front of them. 

With OPC UA, Tunneling, & MQTT client & MQTT broker capabilities, you can enable SSL encryption and DataHub will use the highest level of TLS supported on the operating systems on both ends of the tunnel.  Add user/password protection for a further layer of protection control read/write by users and even do read-only connections. 

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Modbus Data Logging

Why settle for just reading the data into DataHub and then sending it to some other application. 

Use the DataHub Modbus Logger Pack for an all-in-one integrated solution resulting in less engineering and cost than using separate applications. 

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This trial software is fully functioning and can be used to update licensed product provided you are on an active support & maintenance agreement.  Once DataHub is started it will run for 1 hour at a time, you can restart the application to reset this timer. Purchasing a license removes the limitation for licensed features. 

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