DataHub OPC DA (Classic) Client and Server Support 

Proven Robust Support for the Original OPC Standard

The OPC Classic Data Access or DA standards are the most widely implemented of the OPC suite of standards with hundreds of thousands of clients and servers installed since 1995.  DataHub also supports the OPC UA standards that are rapidly growing in adoption.

The DataHub can be both a DA client and DA server at the same time, all with the same license, without any licensing limits on number of tags or connections

  • Connect as DA Client to DA 3.0 and 2.05a OPC Servers
  • Operate as DA Server to DA 3.0 and 2.05a OPC Clients
  • Aggregate data into a common dataset 
  • Rate limit OPC clients to protect large numbers of clients from overwhelming control system networks
  • Flexible options for interoperability using different read & write methods 
  • Automatic tag discovery, manually browse for tags or use the CSV tag import
  • Natively interoperate with the entire DataHub feature set in a single robust application

Case Study: Data collection rate optimization & tunneling

Production facilities in eight remote oil fields were struggling to achieve the desired update rates and achieve a centralized data set. Using the DataHub, they were able to isolate the OPC server from OPC clients that had been configured in a way that was limiting the OPC server from doing it's natural job of optimizing communications. 

They then used the DataHub's tunneling to access the data from all eight field locations as a single, common data set, without putting any more load on his control system. This data could now be logged and shared at the management level of the company.

As many DataHub users do, they then expanded to connecting into OSI PI system databases and used the built-in scripting engine and a sample script to connect to a legacy UNIX system over TCP/IP and access data and log it to CSV files. 

See how DataHub is the tool that keeps giving in this case study. 


DataHub OPC DA Feature Licensing

The OPC DA Client and Server feature is included in many of the DataHub Solution Packs. It can also be added on to any Solution Pack as required. 

Solution Packs Including OPC DA Client & Server support

  • Bridge Pack
  • Tunneler Pack
  • OPC Logger Pack
  • OPC Gateway 
  • IoT Gateway 
  • Modbus Server Pack
  • OPC DataHub Pack
  • WebView Pack

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