DataHub OPC Gateway - Convert Real-Time Streaming OPC UA to DA and DA to UA

DCOM Hardening is Permanent in 20d 3h 3m 35s

Robust OPC Protocol Conversion Features

  • Convert OPC DA servers to OPC UA servers and UA servers to DA servers
  • Eliminate DCOM by converting OPC DA to OPC UA
  • OPC UA to OPC DA converter/gateway
  • OPC DA to OPC UA converter/gateway
  • Connect any OPC UA client to any OPC DA Server
  • Connect any OPC DA client to any OPC UA Server
  • Bridge OPC Client to OPC Client for OPC DA and UA
  • Maintain the OPC UA data hierarchy/structure when connecting to servers 
  • Multi-threaded - a single slow server or client won't slow down other connections
  • Merge data from multiple data sources into a common namespace
  • Control access and set permission for different users and groups 
  • Automatic tag discovery, manually browse for tags or use the CSV tag import
  • Robust, OPC UA Configuration & Certificate Management
  • OPC UA Global Discovery Server included 

Video Tutorial OPC UA to DA

Video Tutorial OPC DA to UA

OPC Gateway Applications

  • Add OPC UA to existing plant systems 
  • Enable an incremental transition from DA to UA 
  • Integrate OPC UA into HMI/SCADA/MES/Historian & Custom applications that only support OPC UA
  • Interconnect OPC products from different vendors
  • Aggregate multiple OPC servers sources for access as one OPC server 
  • Convert OPC A&E to OPC DA or OPC UA (requires DataHub OPC A&E add-on license)

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Using DataHub Gateway for OPC Client to Client Bridging

What happens when you need OPC clients to talk to each other? By definition client software applications do not talk directly without a server application in between, unless one of the client applications also happens to have an OPC server interface you can turn on.  This could be HMI to HMI, HMI to SCADA, MES to HMI, SCADA to SCADA and many others. 

Using the DataHub OPC Gateway Pack, OPC DA or UA clients can connect to the DataHub as an OPC Server and exchange data. Of course you'll need to define a namespace for them to write to but DataHub makes that easy to do with a text file you load, setting name, data type and initial values.  Need to add OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C client to client bridging? Request a quote and we'll add those connectors to your DataHub Gateway Pack license. 

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Easily Extend your OPC Gateway with Optional Functionality

An advantage of the DataHub OPC Gateway over point solutions is the ability to add-on other features without installing other software.

  • Each DataHub installation has all the functionality present, and you apply license codes to enable what you need.
  • Add-On functionality later without penalty 

Popular add-on features, request a quote if you'd like to add these. 

Licensing the OPC Gateway Solutions Pack

This popular solutions pack is the way to buy the DataHub OPC Gateway and includes:

  • OPC DA Client & Server
  • OPC UA Client & Server
  • Aggregation
  • Scripting
  • Security
  • Quick Trend
  • Secure Remote Configuration

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This trial software is fully functioning and can be used to update licensed product provided you are on an active support & maintenance agreement.  Once DataHub is started it will run for 1 hour at a time, you can restart the application to reset this timer. Purchasing a license removes the limitation for licensed features. 

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