DataHub OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Client and Server Support

Integrating OPC UA with Ease

OPC Unified Architecture or OPC UA is the current set of OPC standards that leverages service oriented architecture, encryption, and authentication to bring OPC to multiple platforms including native integration in some hardware.  With OPC UA in so many systems, the need to aggregate and manage your data set to prevent multiple HMI, SCADA, MES, Historian and other clients from overwhelming embedded devices is higher than ever. 

The DataHub OPC UA feature includes these capabilities

  • Connect as an OPC UA client to multiple OPC UA servers, no license based tag, server or device count limits
  • Operate as an OPC UA server to deliver an organized unified data set to multiple OPC UA clients, also with no license based limits
  • Data Access/Generic Profile support by default
  • Optional UA Alarms & Conditions (A&C) support
  • When used in the DataHub OPC Gateway or IoT Gateway Solution Pack, can convert to other OPC standards or MQTT & IoT standards
  • Aggregate data into a common dataset
  • Rate limit OPC clients to protect large # of clients from overwhelming control system OPC server networks
  • Flexible options for interoperability using different read & write methods
  • Automatic tag discovery, manually browse for tags or use the CSV tag import
  • Natively interoperate with the entire DataHub feature set in a single robust application

OPC UA Server Flexibility

The OPC UA Server functionality in DataHub deserves it's own attention because of the power & flexibility included

  • Define Multiple Endpoints
  • Multiple protocols: opc.tcp, http, and https 
  • User Definable Ports
  • Definable Security & User Token Policies
  • Diagnostics
  • User configurable operating limits 
  • Local Discovery Server Registration
  • Configurable HTTP Access Rules and SSL/TLS Bindings
  • Certificate Generator or use your self-signed certificate or from a Certificate Authority (CA)

OPC UA Integration Accelerators

The DataHub OPC UA feature set includes several integration accelerators to help you get connected to UA servers and clients quickly.

  • Certificate Management
  • Connection Troubleshooter
  • Global Discovery Server 
  • Advanced communications settings

Functionality screenshot examples shown below.


DataHub OPC UA Feature Licensing

The OPC UA Client and Server feature is included in many of the DataHub Solution Packs. It can also be added on to any Solution Pack as required. 

Solution Packs Including OPC UA Client & Server support

  • Bridge Pack
  • Tunneler Pack
  • OPC Logger Pack
  • OPC Gateway 
  • IoT Gateway 
  • Modbus Server Pack
  • OPC DataHub Pack
  • WebView Pack

OPC UA Alarms & Conditions (A&C) can be added on top of the base OPC UA Data Access/Generic profile support

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