DataHub Redundancy for Many Data Sources Including OPC

Flexible Functionality, Many Scenarios 

Because DataHub is about more than just OPC, many different data sources including OPC DA, UA, A&E, UA A&C, MQTT and more can be treated as redundant.  

  • Multiple methods of triggering changeover
  • Allows the selection of a preferred data source.
  • No dependency on timers reduces switchover latencies
  • Complete access to both data sources at all times to facilitate collecting and presenting diagnostic information
  • Status tags indicate the state of Primary and Secondary sources
  • Control tag allows you to force failover with a single write
  • Native OPC UA Redundancy that doesn't flatten the hierarchy and namespace - other solutions convert to DA then back to UA in the redundancy - Datahub doesn't!

Flexible Changeover Triggers

  • Supports configuration of different changeover criteria for varying data sets and sources
  • Link monitoring quickly detects network breaks.
  • Event-based monitoring of points or link monitoring of the connection, or use both together.
  • Data Flow Detection can switch data sources when data stops changing, indicating a problem
  • Switchover can trigger on changes in point value or quality, for a single point or any point in a group.

The screen at the left is sampling of the many configuration options for DataHub redundancy.

Free Video Training

In this video you will learn how to setup the DataHub for redundant hot-standby data sources.

Specifically, you'll see how to setup redundancy for OPC UA data source and OPC DA data sources, though DataHub supports redundancy for any data sources that it supports.


Redundancy Case Study

The Mukhaizna oil field in Oman started out using the DataHub for data aggregation and tunneling of data to feed data to SQL Server, OSI PI, and Iconics. 

To provide increased availability, the company has installed an additional OPC server at some locations. Working with Software Toolbox Product Support Engineers they added DataHub redundancy. If the quality of an indicator changes to “Bad” or “Not Connected” on the primary OPC server, the OPC DataHub immediately switches to the redundant OPC server and continues collecting data from there. 

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Redundancy for All Types of Data

Once you get data of any type - MQTT, OPC, DDE, Database, Excel, and more - into DataHub, that data can take advantage of the Redundancy capabilities of the DataHub. 

When you configure the data "domains" or groups of data, as you'll see in our training video, you can setup different changeover criteria for various collections and sources of data. 

In the example shown here, redundancy for OPC Alarms & Events Data is being implemented. 

Many Advanced & Powerful Scenarios Possible

DataHub can support a wide range of scenarios so we encourage you to talk with us before you decide DataHub can't handle your scenario.

Examples include:

  • Networked redundancy
  • Networked multiple-client redundancy
  • Multiple redundant pairs of networks, data sources, data servers 

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Typical Features Used with Redundancy

Having your system be able to ensure data availability is important.  It is also important to know when and how often a system has failed over so your team can take pro-active actions to prevent recurrence of problems and increase operational availability. 

DataHub offers more than just a redundancy broker so you can turn on built-in features by licensing add-ons. The most popular ones used are:

  • Notifications - Email/SMS feature can notify the right people of failover and failback events.
  • Data Logging  - store changeover event & diagnostic details to SQL databases - learn more
  • System Monitor - monitor server and OS system health using DataHub's ability to monitor, notify, and log data from Windows Performance Counters

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Licensing DataHub Redundancy

The DataHub Redundancy feature can be added to any DataHub Solution Pack.

You can include the feature in a new license purchase or add it on later.

For pricing, please request a quote.

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