DataHub Tunneling - Secure OPC Data Transmission, Remote Data Access

Tunnel More Than Just OPC, Securely and Robustly

DataHub is about more than just OPC and the tunneling capability. Although we show OPC tunneling here, any data points you can get into DataHub's unified dataset can be tunneled as the examples on this page will show.

  • Up and running in a few minutes 
  • Mirrored data results in faster data transfer, instead of just tunneling OPC commands like other tunnelers.
  • Single or Bi-Directional transfers
  • Separate reads and writes on different tunnels for more security 
  • Configurable network break detection heartbeat as fast as 50 ms and automatic recovery
  • Integrated quality indicators to tell clients when the network is down
  • Encrypted (SSL/TLS to highest level on users machine) and password protected data transfers 
  • Tunnel endpoints configurable as read-only or read-write
  • Define specific security level required for a connection to succeed on each endpoint
  • User configurable TCP/IP Port
  • Proxy and DMZ friendly
  • Aggregate multiple data sources and destinations 

Video Tutorial Training

In this video training, we connect an OPC client and server over a network, between Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2019 machines that are not in the same domain. For users trying this with DCOM and without tunneling, this would be very challenging if not impossible. 

DataHub gets the job done in 8 minutes, then in the last 5 minutes we look at advanced options for encryption, authentication and methods to limit the number of open ports, including building a connection that has NO OPEN INBOUND PORTS on one side. 


OPC UA and DA Tunneling

  • Access remote data without exposing your plant network
  • Aggregate data from different OPC standards from multiple remote locations
  • Integrate OT and IT through proxy and DMZ friendly connections
  • Securely move OPC DA data between machines, differing Windows versions, domains, and networks without using DCOM
  • Detect network breaks quickly, recover smoothly without user intervention
  • Tunnel value, quality & timestamp by default, with definable changes to quality based on connection status
  • Engineering Units & Ranges included if provided by the OPC sources (V10+)

This feature set is licensed through the DataHub Tunnel Pack which comes in an OPC DA and OPC DA+UA version. 

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OPC A&E Tunneling 

Adding the OPC A&E option to your OPC DA or OPC DA+UA Tunneler Solution Pack will add the capability to securely tunnel, aggregate and move OPC A&E classic through proxies, DMZs. You can also convert OPC A&E data to OPC DA or UA.

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Historical Data Tunneling

With DataHub V10 and newer, several scenarios are possible for securely handling historical data, including sourcing remote data to be stored, tunneling it, and securely delivering it to any supported historian for logging.  When using InfluxDB as the historian, secure historical data tunneling with store and forward can be achieved through the unique capabilities of DataHub with Influx DB.  Proper tunneling of historical data has to consider many factors to do it well, and we encourage you to talk with us about your use case. 


Modbus Tunneling

The DataHub Modbus Tunneler solution pack enables you to connect to Modbus TCP/IP devices and read/write data and convert it to OPC DA or OPC UA depending on the pack you choose or optionally both.  Add a DataHub Tunneler license to another machine on the network and move your Modbus data securely through proxies, DMZs just like any other DataHub data points. 

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DDE Data Tunneling

DDE may be a legacy technology but there are still many applications out there that use it, and with DataHub's DDE client capability, you are able to tunnel that data securely with the same robust capabilities as tunneling OPC data.  Combine the DataHub DDE feature with an OPC tunneler solution pack or other features to integrate DDE into your modern OPC UA and IoT architectures. 

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This trial software is fully functioning and can be used to update licensed product provided you are on an active support & maintenance agreement.  Once DataHub is started it will run for 1 hour at a time, you can restart the application to reset this timer. Purchasing a license removes the limitation for licensed features. 

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