DataHub MQTT Smart Client with Sparkplug B

Standard MQTT Client Support 

DataHub can work with all the common MQTT brokers that are used in the IoT marketplace with a robust set of features:
  • Integrate OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC A&E, OPC UA A&C with MQTT
  • Plain-text or SSL transport
  • Publish - convert to JSON
  • Subscribe - parse as JSON
  • Multiple JSON formats per connection (V10+)
  • Can act as a Sparkplug B 
    • Primary app
    • Non-primary app
    • EoN Device
  • Automatically create tags from SparkplugB topics without any complicated parsing
  • Last will
  • Store and forward
  • Use with DataHub MQTT Broker for advanced secure solutions

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Use Case: Moving Data to an MQTT Broker outside the control network

  • Client needed to move data securely from an AVEVA System Platform galaxy to other systems but also push data to cloud IoT Platforms
  • Galaxy servers deliver data via MQTT to DataHub MQTT broker with redundant connections (topics)
  • DataHub to delivers data to directly to MES & Plant Historian
  • Secure tunneling to administrative network without opening firewall ports
  • DataHub in administrative network publishes data using MQTT to IoT Platforms 


MQTT Client for the Cloud

Popular cloud services using MQTT can actually be challenging to connect to if you are not an expert on IoT authentication and the nuances and details of the service.

DataHub makes connecting and integrating your OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC A&E, and OPC UA A&C, database, Modbus, and spreadsheet data securely with dedicated configuration settings and tutorials for these major cloud services.

Use what you learn from our introduction to MQTT to OPC integration training to connect to about any MQTT broker. 

If security of pushing your critical operational data to the cloud is of concern, use DataHub's ability to work through proxies and/or sit in a DMZ and build configurations without any inbound open firewall ports to secure your data. 

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This trial software is fully functioning and can be used to update licensed product provided you are on an active support & maintenance agreement.  Once DataHub is started it will run for 1 hour at a time, you can restart the application to reset this timer. Purchasing a license removes the limitation for licensed features. 

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