DataHub V10 Overview

New & Expanded Integration Options,
Configuration Tools, & Functionality

DataHub V10 adds a variety of new functionality described here, that brings new choices for secure local and cloud integration of industrial systems.  

Users of older versions will be able to upgrade to the latest technology and then add on the new functionality to expand the value delivered by their DataHub.

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DataHub V10 Frequently Asked Questions

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What's New In V10?

  • Configuration Import
  • MQTT Sparkplug B + More
  • Store & Forward for Cloud Connections
  • External Historians
  • OPC UA Alarm Generation & More
  • Tunnelling Historical Data
  • DataHub Azure Managed Service
  • Security Improvements

Configuration Scalability Improved 

DataHub V10 builds on powerful remote configuration capabilities introduced in DataHub V9 by adding the ability to import configurations from CSV for

  • OPC UA
  • OPC DA
  • Bridging
  • MQTT Client
  • Modbus
  • Historian Connections 

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Powerful MQTT Client and Broker with Sparkplug B Support

In V10, you'll gain the functionality of the DataHub Smart MQTT Client and Broker that resolves many of the edge case risks and inconsistencies inherent to the use of MQTT in large and critical applications.

The updated MQTT capabilities include:

Avoid Data Losses When Network & Internet Problems Occur

Whenever you move data to the cloud, there's risk the connection will be down when it's time send data. 

Using the InfluxDB capabilities of DataHub, V10 can store-and-forward data to Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT, Amazon IoT Core, Amazon Kinesis, and other MQTT brokers. 

With V10, you get the comfort of local historical storage and the reliability of store-and-forward of your OPC and other data to the cloud, in a single configuration. 

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Integrate DataHub with Real-Time Historians

DataHub is well known for it's ability to source data from the many variations of OPC, databases, MQTT and more and once the data is in the DataHub you can use it many ways.

With V10, you'll be able to integrate with many different historian systems:

New Functionality Plus OPC Conversion

DataHub V10 adds new functionality and expands on existing functionality for Alarms & Notifications.

  • OPC A&E to OPC UA A&C Conversion - modernize legacy systems by transforming OPC Classic Alarms & Events data to OPC UA Alarms & Conditions
  • OPC Alarm Generation - create, aggregate, and send OPC Alarms & Events or OPC UA Alarms and conditions.
    • Templates for different states
    • Binding to live data
    • Send messages vis email, SMS, or social media apps via Twilio
    • Run scripts 
  • Connect to external OPC A&E or A&C servers and generate messages 

Move Historical Data Securely 

DataHub's is known for it's ability to move data securely through DMZ, proxies and even do so without opening inbound firewall ports on critical control or business networks.

With DataHub V10, you'll be able to combine the support for InfluxDB with the DataHub Tunneler to move historical data with Store & Forwarding build in to avoid data loss when network problems happen. 

Change the game - move data, but don't expose your network, without the risks of VPNs and inbound firewall ports.

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DataHub as an Azure Service - Complementing Your Premise Hosted DataHub 

Available in the Azure Marketplace, the Skkynet DataHub is a Microsoft Azure Managed Application that is optimized to securely receive your data using all of DataHub's secure and robust tunneling capabilities and then integrate it with your on-premise DataHub instances.

Because licensing of the Azure service is consistent with other native Azure apps, it can be more cost effective than taking a full DataHub premise license and paying for an Azure hosted full virtual machine, as you only pay for resources consumed.

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Protecting Data 

Every DataHub update includes security improvements in the product that for your protection. As US-CISA and NIST recommend, industrial control systems should always run current software. 

In V10, some specific functionality was improved:

  • On tunnel connections you can now specify the ONLY types of security you will accept on each connection
  • Updated SSL/TLS libraries 

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