FB-3000 EFM Exporter 

Automated Export of Periodic & Transaction History, Alarms & Events to CFX format

Drive efficiency and accuracy for your measurement team with automated, scheduled liquids and gas accounting data retrieval from Emerson FB-3000 RTUs and export to FLOWCAL CFX format.

Works with Kepware's KEPServer or Software Toolbox's TOP Server DNP3 Drivers for proven, robust DNP3 communications for real-time data collection and all the DNP3 file retrieval needed for the FB-3000 EFM data. 




  • Key Features
  • HMI/SCADA Compatibility

Feature Rich, Focused on Rapid Results

  • Leverages field proven DNP3 Capabilities of TOP Server or KEPServer DNP Suite OPC Servers which provide for the real-time data acquisition and DNP3 file transfer mechanisms required for EFM history retrieval
  • Automated retrieval of EFM data from FB-3000 RTUs
    • Meter Configuration
    • Periodic History
    • Transaction History
    • Alarms
    • Events
  • Rapid results: streamlined semi-automated configuration that leverages the Emerson FB-3000 RTU ability to tell our software number and type of meters, history configuration, enumerations and more, just from us making a DNP3 connection to the RTU. 
  • Export to FLOWCAL CFX V8 Liquids & Gas formats
  • Flexible scheduling of retrieval and conversion
  • Use with your SCADA system or other HMI's, or standalone
  • Activity logging with configurable detail for rapid troubleshooting 

Standards Based, Works with any HMI/SCADA System

  • OPC DA and UA Interfaces in the supported OPC Server insure compatibility with any HMI/SCADA supporting the standards
  • Includes but not limited to
    • Inductive Automation Ignition!
    • AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) InTouch, System Platform, Plant SCADA
    • Iconics
    • And many others!


  • System Requirements
  • Device Support
  • Documentation
  • Videos
  • Release Notes

Operating System Support, System & OPC Server Requirements

  • Operating System
    • Windows Desktop: Windows 10 and 11 x64 versions
    • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher
  • Memory:  memory usage for the FB3000 EFM Exporter application is negligible, therefore the system should have RAM to support the OS and other applications running.
  • Disk Space: will be user/application dependent. Files generated are small in size, however, there could be many files created over a large period of time. Recommendation is to monitor usage and execute backups and file purges to manage against available drive space.
  • OPC Server - TOP Server DNP Suite or KEPServer DNP Suite Version 6.14 or higher with license sufficient for the number of RTUs you plan to export from and configured to communicate to your RTUs. 

Device Compatibility

  • Emerson FB-3000 RTUs 
  • Minimum Firmware Version

FB-3000 Exporter Documentation

The FB-3000 installs with an extensive PDF users guide that shows all configuration, operation and setup of the product from simple to advanced. 

Documentation also includes

  • FB-3000 RTU Configuration Expectations
  • OPC Server Environment Configuration
  • Manual & Automatic Scheduled Execution Configuration 
  • Troubleshooting 

Watch this space!

We'll be adding training and demonstration videos here. 


FB-3000 Release Notes

Full release notes will be available for download in our knowledgebase. 

Get Started Now

Trial versions are available upon request and are limited in the number of times the application can be executed. Once licensed, limits are removed.

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