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Your free trial download includes

  • All Flow features are fully functional
  • Historian simulator with pre-configured simulated "Juice Factory" data set you can use with our training guide.
  • Use of all available data source connectors to connect to your own historian, SQL, cloud data 
  • Unlimited users, reports & dashboards


Your free trial has these limitations

  • The software will stop working after 90 days
  • 500 configured measures
  • 10 events 

Purchasing a Flow software license will remove these demo limitations and you can put your configuration built with the trial into production use.

What's needed to run a trial?

The requirements to run a basic trial system and what will be needed for a scaled up system of course can vary since each user's application is different.  Here are the basic requirements:

See our knowledge base article for discussion of sizing production systems.

Detailed Training/Reference Guide Download

When you download the trial software you will also receive access to our details reference guide that contains

  • Installation instructions
  • 30 self-guided training modules that will result in your building a working system using our simulator

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Our team is here to help!

Our technical support team is available to answer your questions or assist with your trial of OmniServer.  Contact them by:

Our support team is available Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM US Eastern Time.

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