Ordering Flow Software Licenses

All Flow Software Licenses Include

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited reports, charts, or dashboards
  • Unlimited data source connectors
  • Unlimited data consumer connectors/integrations
  • Unlimited notification messages
  • Unlimited mobile users

License price based on system size

We believe that if something is worth measuring, it should have potential to improve your business by a value that exceeds the cost of the system size, so Flow system sizes are based on:

  • Number of Measures - these are the KPIs (or metrics) that you configure to collect and calculate information (e.g. volume produced, electricity used, production waste, production cost, equipment efficiency, OEE, etc.) into defined Calendar "time buckets" (e.g. hourly, shiftly, daily, etc.)

  • Number of Events - these detect the start and end of event periods (e.g. batch running, machine states, downtime, production runs, etc.) and collect additional contextual information that can be used to slice Measure (KPI) information (e.g. Product, Shift team, Work Order, etc.)

License are available in 2 types

  • Perpetual - one-time purchase including software maintenance for the first year, renewable thereafter at 15% of total installed base/year
  • Subscription - annual payment providing license to use for 1 year plus support & maintenance. Subscription licenses must be renewed in order to keep using the software. 

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Quick Facts

  • Perpetual licenses - you own the license and pay annual support & maintenance to receive help and free upgrades. Initial purchase includes 1 year support & maintenance
  • Subscription licenses - you are basically renting the license, paying an annual fee. Great for situations where you need a low entry cost and your business prefers to treat the software as an operating cost each year. Each 1 year renewal includes 1 year support & maintenance.
  • If not renewed, Subscription licenses will stop updating measures and metrics. Once a renewal code is applied, the system will backfill data that was missed, provided it is still available in your external data sources
  • Enterprise/Site Licensing is available, contact us for details.

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The demo software is fully functioning for 30 days for up to 100 measures and 10 events. Systems built with trial software can be put into production by purchasing a Flow license.

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