Get More Insight & Value with LGH File Inspector Advanced Features

Understand More with Aggregates

No more exporting to Excel to quickly get calculations from your LGH file data. Just enable the aggregates from the right side of the status bar and then highlight the range you're interested in. 

  • Average
  • Count
  • Sum
  • Min
  • Max

You can even copy/paste the values from the application with a click on the aggregate name. Tooltips on Min & Max show the time they each occurred. 


Get Insights Behind The Samples with View Raw Data

With LGH File Inspector you're sampling data that was likely recorded at a higher frequency. Sometimes you see something that causes you to want to know if you need to sample faster.

Picking a range of data and right clicking and picking View Raw Data takes you right to the details. Highlight raw data of interest, press Ctrl-C to copy it for sharing and further action. 

In this example data is being sampled every minute. The user noticed that the value did not change for 7 minutes. An inspection of the raw data over that time period down to the millisecond, showed that the raw value was oscillating slightly in between each even minute, but at the sample times on even minutes, the value was always the same.

Get Started Now

All features are available in trial mode. In trial mode, each query is limited to 25 tags and 100 rows. You can execute 25 total queries prior to purchase. Purchasing a license key removes all limitations. 

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