LGH File Inspector Licensing Details

We believe in making the details of how a product licensed as transparent as possible to help you understand what you receive for your investment in a product and relationship with Software Toolbox.

LGH File Inspector is a utility application used to inspect, extract tag lists and data of user choice over user defined timeframes, and export the data to Excel, CSV, and AVEVA Historian (formerly Wonderware) FastLoad formats on-demand or on a scheduled basis. 

Licenses are based on the combination of number of computers and number of users that you plan to have use LGH File Inspector. 

  • In the simplest case, a single user on a single computer needs only to purchase a single user perpetual or a 90-day subscription license.
  • Virtual machines are considered a single computer the same as a physical laptop or computer. 
  • Starting with V3.x, we no longer distinguish between Workstation and Server licenses, only users as described here.
  • If you plan to have different logged in Windows Users using the application on a single computer or server, including servers using terminal services applications, each named user login that plans to use the product needs a license.
  • Highly discounted 5 user license packs are encouraged for multi-user applications as a 5 pack costs about the same as 2 single licenses.
  • Multi-user packs 
    • Can be used on multiple machines at a single customer location, which is defined as a single facility street address.
    • May NOT be separated and distributed between multiple sites or customers
  • If you are a system integrator and you have your own license but want your customer to have their own on-site license, they will need their own single or multi-user license(s).
  • Feel free to review the End User License Agreement and contact us with any questions.


  • Single User at One Location
  • 5 Users at a Single Location
  • 90-Day Subscription, Single User

Most Commonly Purchased License

This perpetual license gives a single user the rights to run LGH File Inspector on a single computer. The license does not expire, but the support & maintenance included does expire after 1 year and can and should be renewed. 

This is a good choice for

  • Users who need to regularly use the LGH File Inspector on their laptop or desktop to regularly analyze and extract data from LGH files
  • Running LGH File Inspector on an InTouch workstation or server to automatically generate exported files on a schedule

You can transfer this license through the LGH File Inspector License Portal; however, we limit the number of transfers to 3 before manual intervention is required by our support team to insure compliance with the End User License Agreement

For Multi-User Workstation or Server/Terminal Server Solutions

This highly discounted license gets you 5 user licenses for the price of 2 and is a good fit for

  • InTouch Workstations where different users will need to login and access the LGH File Inspector user interface or execute saved LGH file inspector jobs under their user logins
  • Windows Servers, especially applications using InTouch via Windows Terminal Services, where multiple users need to access the LGH File Inspector user interface or execute saved LGH file inspector jobs under their user logins
  • Licenses can be transferred just like single user licenses, subject to the same restrictions, and the restrictions below. 

Because of the generous value provided by this license, these restrictions apply

  • License is for a single customer location, which is defined as a single street address. If a large user had multiple buildings at the same address, those are still considered a single site
  • Corporate headquarters locations may not be used to disguise the use of these licenses at multiple different address plant locations. Please contact us and we will work with you to provide attractive licensing costs for multiple locations in a company. 
  • Licenses in this multi-pack may not be separated among different customers. If you are a system integrator needing to buy multiple licenses for different end-user customers, please contact us and we will work with you to provide attractive licensing for these situations. 

Good for Short Term Applications

The 90-day subscription allows a single named user to use the product on a single machine for 90 days. 

The subscription can be renewed and extended; however, we encourage users needing longer subscriptions to purchase a single user license as it costs less than renewing a 90-day subscription. 

Contact Us to upgrade a subscription to a perpetual license.


  • Can I Transfer My License?
  • How Is my License Delivered
  • Is Internet Access Required?
  • Do You Offer Hardware Key/Dongle Licenses?

Licenses Transferable, Subject to Terms & Conditions

LGH File Inspector licenses can be transferred, subject to the terms & conditions shown for each license type above and the End User License Agreement.

If you have questions after reviewing this page, please contact us with your questions.

Default Electronic (Email) Delivery, Optional CD Media

Licenses are delivered by email of your activation details to you or whomever you specify when ordering.  The licensed product installer is the same as the product free trial installer, so no extra download is needed unless we have updated the product since you first downloaded a trial. 

Physical CD media is available through payment of added fees/shipping costs, but must be requested at time of purchase by including shipping if ordering online, or specifying on your purchase order.

Supply of CD media after purchase will incur added handling charges. 

Internet Access is NOT required

The LGH File Inspector can run on machines that are not connected to the Internet.

License activation is easiest if a machine is connected to the internet as it can be done from within the software.

However, you may activate the software through the self-service LGH File Inspector License Portal using information you can write down from the offline machine. 

You can also activate your software by calling us on +1-704-849-2773 (Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5PM US Eastern Time) or by opening a support ticket. Depending on your time zone location, this option will not be as fast as the other options.

Hardware Key Licenses Not Used

LGH File Inspector does not offer a hardware key option. 

Licenses can be transferred through the self-service, LGH File Inspector License Portal, subject to the limitations and restrictions described for each license type and in the End User License Agreement

Get Started Now

All features are available in trial mode. In trial mode, each query is limited to 25 tags and 100 rows. You can execute 25 total queries prior to purchase. Purchasing a license key removes all limitations. 

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