LGH File Inspector Support & Maintenance

All new LGH File Inspector perpetual license purchases include 1 year of support & maintenance so that you can have access to the latest software, latest InTouch *.lgh file compatibility, and Windows operating system compatibility.

Support & Maintenance should be renewed on an annual basis for perpetual licenses (starting at $169.15/year) and can be co-termed with other product licenses you have purchased from Software Toolbox. Our team will contact the license owner we have contact information for 60-90 days before your support expires to arrange your renewal. 

The 90-day subscription license option includes support & maintenance for the term of the subscription.  Users have the option to upgrade their subscription license to a perpetual license if they do so before the 90 days expires.

How Support & Maintenance Pays

  • Free updates to the latest version of LGH File inspector
    • Support for latest Windows Versions
    • Support for latest InTouch versions
  • Unlimited email support and up to 4 hours of phone support per month during our normal business hours. 
  • Priority response from support staff with the goal of responses within 2 hours during our normal business hours.
  • Technical support for licensing and installation issues
  • Guidance in troubleshooting potential product issues and working to provide workarounds until product patches/updates can be made to resolve the issues
  • Application troubleshooting advice
  • Re-registration and/or transfer of your license to a new computer or re-installation due to hardware failure. License transfers for users on support can be done through the LGH File Inspector self-service license portal using the login you are provided at time of purchase. We monitor automated/self-service transfers and reserve the right to limit the number of automated transfers, after which our manual intervention to validate the request will be required to insure compliance with the End User License Agreement
  • Priority access to paid professional services for needs that are out of scope of support per the detail below.

What Our Clients Say


My support agent was very detailed and made sure I was able to get my software running. Took her time and I didn't feel rushed. She even followed up a few days later to make sure that there were not any further issues

- Michelle D, TB Jones Technical Services


Your agent gave direct answers, reached out for updates that showed he cared about resolution, and guided me to the right solution

- Aaron W, Fram


I am impressed with the service and the commitment of your team to help me as a customer and solve issues

- Michel V., Advanced Medical Solutions

Not Included in Support & Maintenance Agreement Benefits

We strive to keep our support and maintenance agreement renewal costs low in absolute US$ terms, currently at $169.15/year. To do that, there are things that are not included in the price of the agreements.  Our professional services can address some needs in the items not included, or we may refer you to a member of our system integrator partner network for other paid services. Contact us to discuss your options.

  • Consulting services for systems design and project planning
  • Bug fixes to older versions of the software when newer versions are available. You will be required to upgrade to the latest version of the product as any bug fixes would be done on the most current version. 
    • Installations under regulatory constraints making upgrading an issue should contact us to make arrangements to continue support of older versions of the software which may require payment of additional support fees, evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Support outside of our normal business hours.
  • On-site support

Lapsed/Non-Renewed Support Policies

If you choose to not keep support active for LGH File Inspector, in addition to not having the benefits above, any requests for transfer or re-activation of a license will require payment of a $175 fee.  Further technical support needs are treated at professional services at our current hourly rate of $175/hour.

It costs less to renew your annual support than to pay the one-time or hourly support fees. 

If your support has lapsed, the cost to reinstate support is approximately $500, so again it is less costly to remain on support, have access to the latest LGH File Inspector product updates for security, InTouch, Windows OS compatibility and features/functionality. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get help if I am not on support?
    Assistance is available as paid professional services if you are not on support, or you can re-instate your support and maintenance agreement. In the event we are extraordinarily busy, support and maintenance agreement holders receive first priority for paid services. We recommend that you reinstate support, as that will give you priority access to paid professional services. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • If i do not renew support, will my software stop working?

    For perpetual licenses, the LGH File Inspector licensing will NOT stop the software from working just because support is expired. 

    For subscription licenses, the software will stop working at the end of your subscription period if not renewed or converted to a perpetual license.

    However, if you are not on the most current product version, we cannot guarantee that LGH File Inspector will work with newer Windows Versions, Windows Updates, if you are not on the most current version of the product. If the software stops working because you are on an older version after something else in the system changes, you will need to reinstate support to upgrade to the latest LGH File Inspector version to receive assistance. 

  • My support has lapsed, can I reinstate it?
    Yes, you can re-instate your support and maintenance agreement for LGH File Inspector. The cost is typically approximately 50% of the cost of a new license.

    Please contact us for a quotation on reinstatement for your specific licenses.
  • Can I cancel my support & maintenance agreement?
    Support & Maintenance Agreements are non-refundable. If you no longer wish to continue support and maintenance for your LGH File Inspector license, simply choose not to renew at the end of your current term. If you do not have support, we will not be able to provide any assistance including license re-instatement for failed systems, without reinstatement of support or payment of a minimum $175 fee. 
  • Can I put all my Software Toolbox products on a common renewal date?
    Yes you can, and we encourage you to put all product licenses purchased from Software Toolbox onto a common agreement.

    If you purchased your license(s) through one of our channel partners, please work with them to choose your co-term renewal date and they will contact us.

    If you purchased your licenses directly from Software Toolbox, please contact us to obtain a quote. Be sure to include your requested co-term renewal date.
  • Will I be notified before my support & maintenance agreement expires?
    Yes, we typically send out renewal reminder notifications around 60 - 90 days prior to the expiration of your current agreement.

    Please ensure that we have a valid email address for the person(s) that handle support renewals for your licenses, so that they receive the notifications, and if the contacts change, please update us.

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