OmniServer Professional Edition Details

Beyond HMI / SCADA Data Acquisition OmniServer Pro Edition Adds Logging and Email Notifications

This is our most powerful OmniServer edition. It includes all of the features of our OmniServer Server Edition plus the OmniServer Wedge plug-ins.

An advanced visual protocol editor facilitates the development of custom drivers that deliver any Serial, USB (Virtual COM), LPT, or Ethernet data over to any OPC UA, OPC DA, SuiteLink, or DDE client.

On top of that, the Wedge plug-ins described below make it possible to log data to text files, ODBC databases, MQTT Brokers, as well as, sending configurable email notifications on condition.

OmniServer Professional Edition Provides

  • Fully configurable protocol engine, configured via dialog boxes and drag-and-drop visual protocol editor.
  • Configuration wizard makes it easy to setup a connection using new or existing configured device connections and protocols.
  • CSV import/export enables using Excel for large scale configurations
  • Tree view makes it easier than ever to configure topics and devices, troubleshoot communications and more.
  • The number of devices that can be connected is limited only by resources on your computer.
  • ASCII and Binary data streams supported.
  • Delivers data to any Windows program that can act as an OPC UA, OPC DA or DDE client. Also supports AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) SuiteLink communications.
  • Pro Edition includes advanced plug-ins for: 
    • Database - log process data from your non-standard devices to any ODBC-compliant DB
    • MQTT Client- Publish data from your non-standard devices to a MQTT Broker (i.e. HiveMQ, Mosquitto, and others)
    • Text File - Log process data from your non-standard devices to text/csv file (including Microsoft Excel)
    • Email - Send process data from your non-standard devices as a fully-configurable email
    • Keyboard - Send process data from your non-standard devices via keystrokes to any Windows program

Get Started Now

The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the OmniServer, the OmniServer runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the OmniServer runtime.

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