On Demand Virtual Training: OmniServer Configuration Introduction

In this virtual training (48:41), we introduce you to the OmniServer Configuration interface by connecting to a bar-code reader and label printer. You learn how to read protocol documents, find the information you need, build your configuration with the OmniServer visual protocol editor, and then test your protocols.  Then we show how to connect an OPC UA client using the Cogent DataHub to bridge data between the devices.  The training features live hardware testing on a 2nd video feed from the instructor so you can see how things work. 

Resources for use in support of your learning

  1. Software used in the class
    1. OmniServer Trial Software
    2. Cogent DataHub Trial Software
  2. Resource links from the training video
    1. Additional OmniServer on-demand training videos
    2. OmniServer technical blog
    3. OmniServer Implementation Guide
    4. Request free protocol evaluation

Training video recording below, can be maximized if desired. 

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The demo is the full product. When you put an OPC Router project into runtime, it will stop operating after 2 hours and have to be restarted. Purchase of a license will remove the restriction.

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