OPC Data Client Licensing Details

We believe in making the details of how a product licensed as transparent as possible to help you understand what you receive for your investment in a product and relationship with Software Toolbox.

The OPC Data Client is a development toolkit intended for use in creating custom applications. The product is most commonly used by users and systems integrators building custom applications for a specific use in customer facilities. For the most common applications, you can distribute compiled applications without any additional cost, details are below. We offer a variety of license types that can be purchased for any of the product editions shown on the ordering page. All OPC Data Client licenses are perpetual licenses.



  • Single Developer + Runtime Free
  • Additional Developer License
  • Site License
  • ISV/OEM License

Single Developer + Runtime Free

This is the most commonly purchased license type.  We offer 4 editions to from basic to "everything" and 2 in between.  All 4 editions have the points below in common. Pricing and what's included are on the ordering page

  • One person can develop software applications using the toolkit
  • You can deploy your compiled application to any number of computers, free of any royalty payments
  • Used by system integrators making custom applications for a specific user
  • Used by end users writing custom applications for in-house use
  • You should have control over the installation and deployment of your application at it's final destination.
  • If your application is distributed as a freely sold standalone product and you do not control how it is deployed, you will need an ISV/OEM license

Additional Developer License

This license is an add-on to the Single Developer + Runtime Free license that must be owned by the same company. 

Purchase allows an additional developer to work with the software concurrently with other licensed developers within your company.  Discounted additional developer licenses must be of the same edition as your primary license and all licenses should have their support renewed concurrently each year to insure consistent application version use by your development team. 

Additional developer licenses cost less than your initial license, please contact us for a quote.

Site License

Any number of developers at a single physical location of the same company can develop software and you can deploy compiled applications to any number of computers on any site, free of any further royalty payments. 

If you have a multi-site development need, please contact us so that we can work out an appropriate multiple site license. 

Contact us for any pricing needs involving site licenses.

ISV/OEM License

  • ISV = Independent Software Vendor 
  • For applications that are freely sold and deployed as a standalone commercial offering. 
  • The license can be used by any number of developers within the license holder's company.
  • The only limitation is that you cannot create a product that is also a competing OPC Client developers toolkit
  • Pricing is based on the circumstances of each ISV/OEM situation 
  • Depending on the scale and size of the license, additional priority developer level support and beta access may be included. 
  • Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



  • Can I transfer my license?
  • Can I upgrade between editions?
  • How do I deploy my compiled applications?
  • How is the developer license delivered?
  • Do I have to pay annual fees to keep using my license?
  • Do you offer hardware key/dongle licenses?

Can I transfer my license?

You may transfer licenses between computers used by the licensed developer, or to a new developer within your company, provided you are on an active support and maintenance agreement.

You may not have more than one developer per license owned using the product at the same time.  Additional developer licenses are available at discounted prices, as are site licenses. Contact us for details.

We reserve the right to limit transfers if circumstances suggest there is an attempt to circumvent the per developer seat licensing.

Can I upgrade between editions?

You can upgrade between editions of the OPC Data Client - such as from Professional to Enterprise, for as little cost as paying the price difference, provided that you are on an active support and maintenance agreement. 

If you are not on an active support and maintenance agreement, you can still upgrade, but the cost to upgrade will include reinstatement of your support agreement. 

Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in an edition upgrade.

How do I deploy my compiled applications?

OPC_DataClient_Deployment_DocumentationThe product documentation provides details on how to deploy your runtime free license on target machines automatically, using your own installation program or how to embed the required license details into your application.


How is the developer license delivered?

OPC_Data_Client_Launcher_License_ManagerYou will receive a license file with your purchase, which you will then install on the development machine using the included License Manager Utility.  Using that same utility you can transfer your license to a different development computer. 


Do I have to pay annual fees to keep using my license?

OPC Data Client licenses are perpetual licenses. That means you own the license forever, as opposed to a subscription license where you have to pay an annual fee to keep using it. 

You do need to have an active Support & Maintenance Agreement in order to have access to phone and email support and product updates. 

Since you are developing an application that your user expects you to keep current with Windows OS updates and OPC specification updates, we highly recommend, but do not mandate, that you keep your Support & Maintenance Agreement active.

Do you offer hardware key/dongle licenses?

We do not offer hardware keys or dongles as a license delivery method.

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The demo is the full product. Once the OPC Data Client is connected to an OPC Server, it will run for 30 minutes at a time. The 30–minute timer will be disabled after 210 days from the initial version release.

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