Ordering OPC Data Client Licenses

The OPC Data Client Product can be licensed in two forms:

  1. OPC Data Client Development Toolkit  - for development of custom OPC Client software applications for supported OPC interfaces and development platforms
  2. Excel Connector  - For rapid integration of Excel with OPC Data without writing code - click for licensing details.

For the OPC Data Client Development Toolkit, choose your Edition below.  The prices shown below are for Single Developer+Runtime Free Perpetual Licenses.  Additional developer, site, edition upgrade, and ISV licenses are available.  This license type does NOT include the Excel Connector. 

A 1 Year Support & Maintenance Agreement is included in all license purchases.  Full licensing details

Need supported OS, compiler, .NET specifications details? Visit our OPC Data Client Specifications FAQ

OPC Data Client Development Toolkit Editions Pricing




Part # 41283502-N

  • OPC Data Access (DA)
  • OPC UA Generic/Data
  • Procedural Coding Model
  • OPC UA Local Discovery
  • .NET Framework Support
  • Connectivity Explorer
  • Python.NET Support (.NET Framework Only)





Part # 41283522-N

  • Standard Features Plus
  • OPC Alarms and Events
  • OPC UA Methods
  • OPC UA Alarms & Conditions
  • .NET Standard & Core
  • OPC UA Network Discovery
  • Live Binding Model
  • Browsing Dialogs
  • Browsing Controls
  • Python.NET Support (.NET Standard & Core)





Part # 41283542-N

  • Professional Features Plus
  • COM & non-.NET Languages
  • OPC UA Complex Data
  • OPC UA Global Discovery Support
  • OPC UA Certificate Mgmt Client Object
  • OPC UA Global Discovery Client Object
  • Live Mapping Model





Part # 41283532-N

  • Enterprise Features Plus
  • OPC UA PubSub Support
  • OPC UA Publish-Subscribe Client Object
  • Reactive Programming Model


OPC Data Client Excel Connector Pricing

This separately licensed product from the OPC Data Client Developer Toolkit is for users that want to integrate data with Excel without writing code, macros, or installing Excel plug-ins. If you are a developer and are interested in a bundled offering of the OPC Data Client Excel Connector with the OPC Data Client Development Toolkit, please contact us.





  • Connect OPC Classic, OPC XML and OPC UA server data to Excel
  • No programming, Macros, or Add-Ins Required
  • Demonstration/Sample Excel Workbook Included
  • Perpetual license
  • Includes 1 year support & upgrades/maintenance
  • Additional Computer Users Available at Discounted Prices, Site Licenses Also Available
  • Excel 2007 to current Desktop Editions supported


Quick Facts

  • Product licenses are perpetual licenses. You own the license once purchased under the terms of the End User License Agreement.
  • Licenses are per developer seat. Contact us for discounted pricing on additional developer licenses. 
  • The only annual recurring cost is your support and maintenance agreement renewal, which although not required, is highly recommended to assure compatibility with target OPC Servers, Windows, .NET, and your development environment.
  • Enterprise/Site Licensing is available, contact us for details.
  • Visit our licensing details page for more information

Need Help?

  • First review our licensing details page 
  • Contact Us using one of the buttons below for specific situations, otherwise click here.
  • Or call us on 888-665-3678 (US/Canada) or +1 704-849-2773 (Global)

Get Started Now

The demo is the full product. Once the OPC Data Client is connected to an OPC Server, it will run for 30 minutes at a time. The 30–minute timer will be disabled after 210 days from the initial version release.

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