OPC Data Logger - Database Logging

Capabilities to Meet Many Application Needs

  • Local or Remote Database Connections
  • Use existing tables or Table Builder feature
  • All SQL calls managed without writing any code
  • Stored Procedures support 
  • Flexible login methods 
  • Test Database Connection without starting logging 
  • Flexible Item to Field Mapping with validation
  • Triggered Logging
  • Writebacks/Handshaking 



Supported Databases

Always check the OPC Data Logger System Requirements FAQ for more specific details 

  • Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Express
  • Microsoft Azure SQL 
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL (via native driver)
  • Oracle (via Microsoft driver)
  • ODBC Compliant Databases 

You must own the necessary licenses including any client access licenses, for your selected databases. OPC Data Logger does not include any database licenses.





Item to Field Mapping Options 

OPC Data Logger makes it easy to map your tags to database field types.

  • Use AutoFill to ask OPC Data Logger to try to match them for you
  • Or specify a conversion to a different data type
  • Choose whether to use 0/1 or True/False for Boolean Types
  • Validate your settings when done to avoid runtime errors


Table Builder Accelerates Configuration

As you configure OPC Data Logger Data Storage, you can choose to have it create tables for you in your database, provided the login that you are using for the database has the required permissions and you are using the Data Logger Managed SQL method of logging. 

Tables can be auto-generated from the tagnames and storage format specified in your Data Presentation to further save you time. 

When using Stored Procedures, the table needs to already exist, though you could make it with OPC Data Logger, go to the database manager and add your stored procedures, then come back and change to using Stored Procedures. 


Get Started Now

The trial software is the full product and can log to any supported file or database format with no tag count limits. Once the OPC Data Logger starts logging, it will stop after 2 hours. You can restart it but all logging will stop after 30 days. 

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