OPC Data Logger - Flexible Features Detail

You Deserve More than Basic Data Logging

Customer driven features beyond basic logging differentiate OPC Data Logger from other solutions at similar price points

  • Wizard configuration gets new users going quickly, while not sacrificing power user functions
  • Object oriented approach separates Collection, Presentation, and Storage 
    • Enables rapid configuration changes
    • Collection, Presentation & Storage are combined into Logging tasks
    • Empowers multiple source to multiple destinations
  • Triggers & Writebacks/Handshaking enable wide variety of applications
  • Store & Forward protects from data loss
  • Checkbox Enable/Disable of logging components 
  • Starting with text/CSV? You can easily add or convert to database logging later.

Strong & Flexible OPC Standards Support

  • OPC Data Access (DA) 2.0 and 3.0 client to source data from compatible OPC DA Servers
  • OPC UA Generic Data Access client 
  • Works with popular OPC servers such as  such as Kepware, TOP Server, OmniServer, Matrikon, FactoryTalk Linx, Takebishi, and others 
  • Source data from multiple OPC servers in the same project, no added cost!
  • OPC Groups with different update rates supported
  • Subscription, asynchronous, and synchronous reads
  • Writebacks with asynchronous or synchronous writes
  • Automatic OPC Server reconnection with configurable timeout
  • Discovery Servers Supported 
  • OPC UA encryption & user authentication
  • Extended OPC Item Properties Can Be Logged in addition to Value, Quality, Timestamp
  • OPC Server or device provided timestamps preserved for logging if the OPC server preserves them
  • Certificate management 
  • OPC Interoperability tested

Features Beyond Basic Logging

  • BULK Logging setting batches SQL inserts using all values received from OPC server in a single update from the OPC server
  • Simultaneous logging to MULTIPLE output types at the same time, from multiple sources
  • Runs as Windows Service for unattended startup
  • Scalable multi-threaded architecture that that automatically benefits from multi-core, hyper-threaded processors
  • Virtualized server installation supported - VMWare, Hyper-V, Nutanix

Rapid Time to Results 

  • Wizard based configuration for new users
  • Object oriented configuration for experienced users
  • Import of tags from OPC Servers or CSV files for large projects
  • Copy/Paste of Data Collectors, Presentation and Storage (V4.x)
  • Connection tests at each step of configuration 
  • Ability to do a limited time test run to confirm configuration accuracy

Flexible Data Presentation Formats 

In addition to the ability to map tags to columns in database logging and create tables from OPC Data Logger, users have two formats data can be organized in as shown here. 

Note that sub-second timestamp resolution is supported, it's just not used in this example. 





Get Started Now

The trial software is the full product and can log to any supported file or database format with no tag count limits. Once the OPC Data Logger starts logging, it will stop after 2 hours. You can restart it but all logging will stop after 30 days. 

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