OPC Data Logger Licensing Details

We believe in making the details of how a product licensed as transparent as possible to help you understand what you receive for your investment in a product and relationship with Software Toolbox.

OPC Data Logger licensing is simple with 2 editions with different functionality. You need a license for each computer you run the software on. We do not limit by license the number of OPC servers you can source data from or items you log. However, like any technical software product that is part of a system, there may be practical limits due to the architecture of your system and other components, which our support is happy to help you review for large systems. 

Licenses are perpetual licenses that you own, and your initial purchase includes 1 year of support and maintenance that can be renewed each year for a nominal price. 


  • Text/CSV File License
  • Professional Edition
  • Volume Licensing

Cost-Effective, Powerful Text, CSV File Logging

This entry level license of OPC Data Logger provides all the functionality of OPC Data Logger except Database Logging and Store & Forward at a low price. 

  • Log to CSV/Text files with configurable delimiters
  • Powerful file formatting options 
  • Flexible file spanning options 


Everything OPC Data Logger has to offer

This license, still available at a very affordable price, adds to the Text/CSV file license functionality with

  • Database logging support
  • Store and Forward


I need multiple licenses, is special pricing available?

We do offer volume license pricing for users, integrators, or machinery OEMs that will be purchasing multiple OPC Data Logger licenses. 


Factors we consider:

  • Quantity of licenses
  • Will they be purchased at one time or over time 
  • Willingness to commit to a volume
  • Same configuration or different configurations for each installation. This helps us understand what our support commitment to you will be in exchange for discounts
  • Are you willing provide a success story? 


  • Can I Transfer My License?
  • Can I Upgrade Between Editions?
  • How is the License Delivered & Activated
  • Do I Have to Pay Annual Fees to Keep Using My License?
  • Do you Offer Hardware Key/Dongle Licenses

I need to move OPC Data Logger to a New Computer

You can transfer your OPC Data Logger configuration file to another computer, but you will need to request a re-activation of your license in order to transfer the license. 

Provided you are on an active Support & Maintenance Agreement, our support team will be glad to help you transfer the license. 

I want to upgrade my edition, can I? 

Yes you can, by paying the price difference between the editions. 

If you have allowed your OPC Data Logger support & maintenance agreement to expire, you will need to reinstate the agreement also, which an increase the upgrade cost.


OPC Data Logger License Delivery Options

opc-data-logger-entering-licenseOPC Data Logger licenses are delivered via email as a serial number activation ID. The free trial software is the installer for production use, so you download and install that.

Then you enter your serial number into the product configuration and have the option to unlock the license automatically, offline through a computer with internet access, or by phone. 

We can also provide CD media at an added cost for shipping.

Do I Have to Pay Annual Fees to Keep Using My License?

OPC Data Logger licenses are perpetual licenses. That means you own the license forever, as opposed to a subscription license where you have to pay an annual fee to keep using it. 

You do need to have an active Support & Maintenance Agreement in order to have access to phone and email support and any product updates. 

Do you offer hardware key/dongle licenses?

We do not offer hardware keys or dongles as a license delivery method.

Get Started Now

The trial software is the full product and can log to any supported file or database format with no tag count limits. Once the OPC Data Logger starts logging, it will stop after 2 hours. You can restart it but all logging will stop after 30 days. 

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