OPC Data Logger License Pricing

OPC Data Logger licenses are a perpetual license, you own the license forever, and annual payments are not required for continued operation.  Licenses are required for each computer or virtual machine you install the software on and do not have license based limits on # of tags or OPC Servers you can connect. Have questions? See our Licensing Details Page, Quick Facts or contact us

Initial purchase includes technical support and upgrades/updates/bug fixes for a year from purchase.  Support & Maintenance can be renewed annually and is highly recommended to remain OS compatible, obtain new features, and assure optimal, secure operation.  Subscription & volume pricing available upon request.

OPC Data Logger Text File Edition, Perpetual License



Part # 41100110-N

  • Log to Text, CSV Files
  • OPC DA (Classic) Data Sources
  • OPC UA Data Sources
  • Triggered/Conditional Logging
  • Confirmed Logging - Writebacks
  • All key features except store & forward
  • No license based tag count or # of OPC Server sources limits
  • 1 year support, upgrades, maintenance included


OPC Data Logger Professional Edition, Perpetual License



Part # 41100119-N

  • All Features in Text File Edition Included PLUS Store & Forward and logging to these destinations
  • Microsoft SQL, SQL Express, Azure SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Access
  • No license based tag count or # of OPC Server sources limits
  • 1 year support, upgrades, maintenance included


Quick Facts

  • Licenses are per computer. Contact us for discounted pricing on additional licenses.
  • You can upgrade editions by paying the price difference. If the license is not on active support & maintenance, reinstatement of support will also be required. 
  • By default, product licenses are perpetual licenses. You own the license once purchased under the terms of the End User License Agreement. Support & Maintenance for first year are included in your purchase that supplies product updates, bug fixes, and technical support.
  • The only annual recurring cost is your support and maintenance agreement renewal, which although not required, is highly recommended to assure compatibility with target OPC servers, databases, Windows, .NET, new features, bug fixes, and security updates. 
  • Subscription Licensing is optional as an alternative to perpetual licensing and must be renewed each year for the software to continue to function. Support & maintenance is included in the subscription renewal each year

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Get Started Now

The trial software is the full product and can log to any supported file or database format with no tag count limits. Once the OPC Data Logger starts logging, it will stop after 2 hours. You can restart it but all logging will stop after 30 days. 

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