OPC Data Logger - Text/CSV Logging with File Spanning, Triggers

Your Applications Demand More than Just Writing Files

Anyone can just write out data to a text file with some basic formatting for use with Excel or other applications. In our experience listening to users, we have learned you need much more to accomplish your goals and you don't want to write custom code.

  • Configurable delimiters - comma, tab, semicolon, vertical line
  • Header row with column names
  • Additional optional static header and footer text
  • Configurable representation of Boolean values (0/1 or True/False)
  • Ability to Append (default) or Overwrite Existing file
  • File Spanning
  • Option to close file after each data point is logged (performance limiting if used)
  • Triggers
  • Writebacks



File Naming, Triggering & Spanning

For text file logging, OPC Data Logger's file spanning capabilities are the most flexible available in products in it's class. Users can generate new text files based on a wide range of criteria.

  • Start logging on a trigger
  • Close file/stop logging on a trigger
  • Start/Stop logging at
    • Specific fixed time intervals
    • Scheduled dates and times
  • When a certain record count is reached (V4.x)
  • When file size reaches a configured limit
  • File names for new files can
    • Overwrite the same file
    • Incremental number starting at specified value
    • Date and optional time
    • Specified OPC Item Value
    • Append or prepend any of the above options


Full Disk Prevention

You don't need your logger filling up your hard drive unexpectedly.

By default OPC Data Logger will stop logging when less than 100 Mb of space is free on the target disk.

You can make this value larger or smaller though we do not recommend making it smaller. 

OPC Data Logger will stop logging and notify you in the event log when it has stopped due to this condition. 

Get Started Now

The trial software is the full product and can log to any supported file or database format with no tag count limits. Once the OPC Data Logger starts logging, it will stop after 2 hours. You can restart it but all logging will stop after 30 days. 

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