OPC Data Logger - Triggers, Scheduled Logging

Logging When You Want, Not Just on Data Change

An OPC Data Logger strength is in triggers based on time, schedules, and events that can be used alone or together. Examples include:

Combining different trigger types or multiple conditions in a trigger create near infinite possibilities



Recurring Triggers

A Recurring Trigger is the simplest trigger type in OPC Data Logger.

Recurring triggers fire with a specified frequency, and can be used to initiate events in the OPC Data Logger including file spanning. 

  • Units of milliseconds (some limits apply based on device speed), seconds, or minutes
  • Range of 1 to 44640 (31 days)
  • Can be enabled/disabled through a checkbox

Scheduled Triggers

Scheduled Triggers are the next level up in power & flexibility. By leveraging the Windows built-in Scheduler, OPC Data Logger provides a wide range of options that can be used anywhere triggers are supported. 

Schedules can be maintained inside of OPC Data Logger or using the Windows Scheduler Applet. 

  • One time, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Recurring on days, multiple days
  • Delayed start
  • Repeat at various intervals for a fixed time or indefinitely


Monitored Item (Conditional) Triggers

Monitored Item Triggers are the most powerful, flexible type of trigger the OPC Data Logger supports.  

Using connections to OPC items in your data sources, whether they are internal to the OPC server such as communications lost status bits, or live data points in your PLC or other controllers, OPC Data Logger will start or stop logging, span to new files, even switch to different database tables.  

  • Single condition or combine multiple conditions using logical operators
  • Operators
    • And
    • Or
    • None
  • Conditions
    • Equals
    • Not Equals
    • Greater
    • Less 


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The trial software is the full product and can log to any supported file or database format with no tag count limits. Once the OPC Data Logger starts logging, it will stop after 2 hours. You can restart it but all logging will stop after 30 days. 

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