OPC Router MQTT SparkplugB Client Capabilities

MQTT Data Integration via Drag & Drop 

  • MQTT Publish any data in OPC Router or Subscribe and receive data for use with any OPC Router plug-ins
  • Available with or without Sparkplug A, B support 
  • SparkplugB Application or Node support
  • Supports MQTT V3.1 through V5
  • Works with any MQTT broker 
  • Graphically connect, transform and integrate IoT systems with OT systems, IT and more 
  • Connect to OPC DA or UA Servers and build JSON structures using the OPC Router JPath plug-in to send to MQTT brokers
  • Works with OPC Router's Docker Container support
  • Subscribe to MQTT data and send it to any system OPC Router can connect to including OPC servers, databases, and more 
  • Integrate MQTT with SAP, ERP Systems using SOAP,  and REST web services

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Visually Transform OPC to MQTT

OPC Router's visual workflow empowers you to connect to datasources including OPC DA, OPC UA, even OPC UA methods and OPC UA Companion Specifications and retrieve data, visually map it to a JSON structure, and then publish via MQTT




OPC to SparkplugB Publish

Visually map data to perform a node publish.  When data chances in your connected OPC data source, OPC Router will publish it to your settings including Group, Node, and Device IDs.




Triggering Receipt of Subscribed MQTT Data

When OPC Router subscribes to an MQTT or MQTT SparkplugB broker, and data changes are received you can map that data to variables in OPC Router as shown here, or send the data directly to databases, OPC, text files, SAP, ERP systems or any other destination supported by OPC Router. 

MQTT Flexible Connection Settings

For maximum interoperability, OPC Router provides settings to accommodate about any broker connection and MQTT Versions from 3.11 up to MQTT5 as shown here. 

The "Check connection" button lets you test your settings quickly to confirm success. 


Dedicated Cloud Profile Settings

When using the standard OPC Router MQTT Plug-in there are dedicated settings for common cloud systems to reduce configuration times. Settings on the "Cloud profile" tab are driven by which profile you choose. 

  • MQTT standard 
  • Amazon AWS
  • Azure IoT
  • Wago IoT Cloud 

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The demo is the full product. When you put an OPC Router project into runtime, it will stop operating after 2 hours and have to be restarted. Purchase of a license will remove the restriction.

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