Deploying OPC Router to Edge Computing Devices using Azure IoT Hub

OPC Router can run in a Docker container on Edge computing devices for many of it's common functions. Use most common functions including OPC UA connectivity to devices and add value to the data with capabilities such as visual workflows, MQTT, REST connectivity, database integration and more. Manage multiple containers from a single laptop/windows based instance of the OPC Router Configuration application. 

There are many ways to deploy to a container, including automation possibilities with Kubernetes. One is deployment in a streamlined automated fashion from the OPC Router configuration.  

The OPC Router runtime is also available in the Azure Marketplace as an IoT Edge Module that can be deployed from the cloud using Azure IoT Hub. Once deployed you can deploy your OPC Router license purchased through Software Toolbox to the edge device and you're in action. 

This guide assumes that you have setup an instance of Azure IoT Hub in the cloud and connected your local edge computing device to it already. 

In Azure IoT Hub click on IoT Edge in the navigation bar under "Device Management" and under the IoT Edge devices tab pick your device. On the device setup page choose "Set Modules". Click add and select "Marketplace Module" as shown below. 


Search on "opc router" and choose the OPC Router as shown below. "BYOL" means bring your own license, which is available from Software Toolbox in the US and Canada.


Then give your instance a friendly IoT Edge Module Name applicable to your process, and click on "Environment Variables" and enter "True" for the value for "OR_I_ACCEPT_EULA" and click Update (button not shown but at bottom of the Azure page).  OPC Router EULA available for review here.


The OPC Router will be installed on the device and is in the list of modules on the device.  Launch your OPC Router configuration application on your local computer and connect to your edge device instance of OPC Router at the target IP and start configuring. 


Download the OPC Router Desktop Application


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The demo is the full product. When you put an OPC Router project into runtime, it will stop operating after 2 hours and have to be restarted. Purchase of a license will remove the restriction.

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