OPC Router Docker Support for Edge Computing & Multiplatform Scalability

Deploy OPC Router to Edge Devices for Action At the Data Source 

Process your data at the edge by deploying OPC Router to Docker containers on edge computing devices close to data sources where latencies are shorter, response times faster, and hardware costs are lower.  OPC Router's most common functions including OPC UA device connections, databases, visual workflows, REST, MQTT, database connectivity and more are supported on edge computing devices. 

  • Configure on your desktop, laptop to put OPC Router functionality where you want, on any platform that supports Docker
  • Rapid deployment wizards that only need IP address and Docker credentials
  • Scale OPC Router configurations by deploying to Docker instances running on Windows, Linux or other Docker platform hosts 
  • Centrally manage instances using the same OPC Router user interface you're used to
  • Ready-configured Docker container scripts provided (V4.27 and newer)
  • Kubernetes Helm Charts available for automation & management (V4.27 and newer)
  • Azure Support - Deployable to edge devices using Azure IoT Hub from Azure Marketplace
  • Hardware based TPM 2.0 (Trusted platform module 2.)  licensing supported for edge devices without internet access

Docker support is included in all OPC Router licenses for supported features and plug-ins. License what you need, choose where you run it. 

Multiple Instances Across Platforms

Using the OPC Router application on a Windows computer, you can configure, deploy, and manage multiple OPC Router Docker instances on edge devices, servers, Windows & Linux platforms.

Docker Instance Configuration

OPC Router provides an assisted setup that limits the amount of information required to create a docker instance and deploy OPC Router.  Just provide the Docker host address and login and OPC Router does the rest. 

For power users and advanced configurations, a manual configuration option is provided. 

OPC Router can also optionally deploy a Docker Portainer Management Container to your edge devices automatically.  

Instructions for setting up Docker are also available in this knowledgebase article

Supported Features and Plug-Ins

A wide range of OPC Router features and plug-ins are supported on Docker; however there are some features that are technologically bound to Windows platforms. 

Combine OPC Router on Windows with OPC Router on Docker instances on edge devices to achieved your desired architecture and results. 


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The demo is the full product. When you put an OPC Router project into runtime, it will stop operating after 2 hours and have to be restarted. Purchase of a license will remove the restriction.

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