OPC Router Integration with MySQL and MariaDB

Features of the MySQL Plug-In

  • Browse & access tables and views 
  • Select, Update, Insert and Delete 
  • Processed datasets can be marked as transferred
  • User configurable port & timeouts
  • Windows or MySQL Native authentication
  • Works with MySQL up to Version 8
  • Works with MariaDB, the open-source follow on development after Oracle acquired MySQL

Data from these open-source databases can be integrated using the OPC Router Visual Workflows with REST, SOAP, SAP, OPC and any other OPC Router plug-in or add-on. 



MySQL vs MariaDB 

MySQL and MariaDB have a lot in common from their shared history.  The open source MariaDB project was created by Michael Widenius after the Oracle Acquisition of Sun Microsystems, who had owned MySQL AB since 2008.  MariaDB has a free community open-source edition, but also paid license Enterprise edition that adds other options. 

The databases use the same SQL syntax and it's relatively easy for companies to switch between them.  MariaDB however is faster than MySQL and can support a larger number of concurrent connections. 

Either way, your OPC Router MySQL connector will work with either one for the supported operations. Your investment in OPC Router  provides a proven option for integrating either with OPC DA, OPC UA, REST, SOAP, ERP, SAP, MQTT and more.

Licensing the MySQL Plug-In

The OPC Router MySQL Plug-in is available as a standalone plug-in or as part of the OPC Router DB Suite of plug-ins that packages 8 database client plug-ins for slightly more than the cost of two plug-ins. 

To add-this plug-in to an existing OPC Router license or include it in a new purchase, request a quote. 


Get Started Now

The demo is the full product. When you put an OPC Router project into runtime, it will stop operating after 2 hours and have to be restarted. Purchase of a license will remove the restriction.

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