OPC Router Enables Modular Integration

Plug-Ins - Making Connections to IT, OT, IoT Systems

Plug-Ins are the heart of the modular integration approach to OPC Router.  Only license what you need to keep things cost effective.  The standard subscription license options provide the most common plug-ins in one cost effective license, while modular perpetual licenses are also a strong value.  It's your choice. 

Our technical team will help you choose the right plug-ins for your application and get them at the best budget-aware price possible. 

Transfer Objects - Sources and Destinations

Plug-ins enable Transfer Objects that help you deal with systems that are very different on the outside of OPC Router, but ultimately send and receive data. 

Transfer objects abstract the details of the external system into input and output data blocks that you can then visually connect to other systems through their respective transfer objects.

System specific configuration settings provide for rapid setup to deliver data in ways that are intuitive. 

Trigger Functions - Getting things Done

Triggers are how things get done in OPC Router. Some are included in all licenses, others are enabled by the Plug-Ins that you have licensed. 

Plug-ins included in all licenses are the Time, Cron (Scheduled), Script and File Triggers. 

All trigger types are documented in the OPC Router documentation. 

Below are two very powerful triggers, one included with Database Plug-Ins, and the other available to all licenses, the Global Variable Trigger. 

Database Data Change and Transfer Triggers

These powerful triggers help you to act on changes in a database and reduce the amount of polling of the database that is performed, and provides for handshaking of state transfers of data to OPC Router

Data Change Trigger - specify a database and table and columns to watch. When changes occur in those column(s), OPC Router will fire a trigger that you can use in your visual workflows

Transfer State Trigger - specify a status column to watch in a database table. If changes happen in 1 to N rows, the rows with the changes will be retrieved by OPC Router, and then once transferred, OPC Router will write back to the status column indicating it has received the data. This is an excellent tool for when you want to make sure data moves, and moves efficiently, and you have the ability to have the application causing the changes in the database set the status column.

Global Variable Triggers

This trigger type enables you to take the output of one connection and use that to set a global variable.  Then other connections can use that global variable based on conditions you specify to trigger another action.  

This capability reduces the need for scripting and increases performance. 

In this simplistic example, we trigger off a data change in an OPC Server, and set a global variable, then whenever that variable changes value, we write a boolean value back to an OPC Server.  True applications are typically more powerful than this of course! 

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