OPC Router MongoDB to OPC DA , OPC UA & Device Integration 

Integrate Industry with Document Oriented NoSQL Databases

MongoDB is one of the most frequently used NoSQL (Not-only-SQL) databases in the market. As a document-oriented database, it can handle complex data such as batch records, production records or messages and more. 

Data is typically moved as JSON documents and can be local, in the cloud, and highly distributed and replicated MongoDB infrastructures can be easily handled. 

Integrate data from any OPC Router data source including but not limited to 

  • OPC DA and OPC UA
  • Databases
  • Devices
  • ERP Systems
  • Web Services

Data acquisition from OPC UA & Integration with Big Data, AI and digital twin

OPC Router has reliable connectivity to OPC DA and OPC UA servers, as well as web services, ERP systems and devices.  

When you need to integrate that data to big data and AI (artificial intelligence) applications based on MongoDB, the OPC Router is the solution using it's MongoDB plug-in. 

Whether the NoSQL database is local or cloud hosted, OPC Router can connect the worlds, automatically transferring the data as required. 

The content of the data packages can be very different and ranges from simple process data to complex data records such as batch information, production messages or information from production for a product for the depiction of a digital twin in the cloud.


NoSQL to SQL database Integration

NoSQL databases are strong at distributing data across locations and can handle large amounts of distributed data. 

In automation, we typically work with relational or SQL databases, unless we are working with a process historian that doesn't use a SQL database.  SQL databases work well for local storage, close to production and provide low latencies and good availability.  The data we store in them is also typically well defined and can follow a defined scheme.

The OPC Router MongoDB plug-in can be the bridge between local relational SQL databases and a distributed NoSQL database. 

Want to Learn More about Why No-SQL and Why MongoDB?

As such, MongoDB differs fundamentally from conventional relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or the multitude of others out there. The roots of the name "MongoDB" come from the English word “humongous”, another word for massive or gigantic.  To learn more, read our technical blog post that addresses in detail:

  • How Relational vs. Non-Relational Databases Differ
  • Disadvantages to Relational Database Data Handling
  • How MongoDB Addresses the Disadvantages of Relational Databases
  • MongoDB as a Cloud Solution and SaaS



Licensing MongoDB Plug-In

The MongoDB plug-in for OPC Router can be licensed with any other bundle of features and added to any existing OPC Router license bundle quickly and easily. 

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