OPC Router Flexible Notification Methods and Recipient Groups

Email Notifications

Email remains one of the simplest and most common notification and alerting methods. The Email notification Plug-in works with the SMTP standard and thus has easy access to almost any mail system.

With the Email notification Plug-in you can create your own email templates for various alerting functions and fill them at precisely definable times with data from connected systems such as OPC UA, SAP, SQL databases, REST, MQTT and many more.

The graphical designer allows you to define your own email alerting according to application-specific requirements as shown in the example here. 

Also starting in from version 4.18, you can also receive e-mails in OPC Router to integrate e-mail data and attachments into OPC Router connections!

Telegram App/Bot Notifications

Telegram is a messaging/notification app for smartphones that goes beyond simple SMS/Text notifications.

With the Telegram Bot connection, the OPC Router enables the “Telegram” messenger app to be linked to view the industrial process.  Authenticated users of the bot can receive messages, i.e. alarms, production messages, operating states, (push notifications), but can also if authenticated, actively trigger actions via the Telegram Bot.  Application-specific queries and activities can be configured in the OPC Router, which are then called up from the smartphone via authenticated remote access.

Extended Notification Groups

Included in the Enterprise+ Add-On, the OPC Router Extended Notification Groups feature enables you to define groups of people to be notified. Different scenarios can trigger different groups to receive different notifications based on their role, need, etc.  You might not be as excited as these people are to get a notification from OPC Router, but it's better to know about problems early, right? 

For example, an error that affects the SAP connection can trigger an alarm after a user configured time and notify the right people. If you're also using the store & forward feature, then the OPC Router can buffer the data until the notified users and administrators can resolve the problem. 

Many things can trigger notifications in OPC Router and the Extended Notification Groups enhances the value of those alerts. 

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