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Using Industry Standard Information Specifications or Your Own

Part of the power of OPC UA are the companion specifications that use the OPC UA data modeling capabilities to define standardized data interchange specifications. The OPC Foundation has made these available in their OPC UA Cloud Library which software applications can connect to, browse, load, and use the specifications in their automation applications. 

Starting with version 4.27, OPC Router is one of the first software products that can access this cloud library. Once a companion specification is referenced in OPC Router, an OPC UA server implementing that specification is created in just a few clicks.  Then using OPC Router's visual workflow engine, data points can be connected and made available in the OPC UA server, regardless of where you sourced the data. 

Users are not limited to the OPC Foundation's library. They can reference any cloud library of OPC UA companion specifications, and even load their own that their company has defined for their business. 

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