OPC Router Tutorial Video - Round Trip PLC/HMI to SAP Integration

Configuring OPC Router for PLC Recipe Retrieval and Production Inventory Updates with SAP

The 36 minute virtual workshop uses OPC Router's certified SAP connector, OPC UA support, REST web services support, JSON parsing, and visual workflows to build a live connection that connects via OPC UA to a Phoenix Contact PLCNext PLC and a Canary Labs Historian via OPC UA and REST, and adds the DataHub OPC Gateway to handle some nuances of OPC UA security that one of the systems needed help with.

The example shows

  • PLC with integrated HMI requests a new recipe
  • OPC Router is notified via OPC UA, retrieves the recipe from SAP with an RFC call, and writes it to the PLC with OPC UA
  • The PLC produces product, logging results to the process historian
  • When the recipe changes again, OPC Router is notified again via OPC UA, it retrieves the historian data via REST, and sends it to SAP, updating inventory levels with the amount produced. 
  • Values are verified with a live view into the SAP data tables. 
This video, focused purely on the implementation work, was sourced from the IntegrateLive! Episode 11 workshop that is available for viewing in its entirety.

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The demo is the full product. When you put an OPC Router project into runtime, it will stop operating after 2 hours and have to be restarted. Purchase of a license will remove the restriction.

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