OPC Router Store & Forward Functionality Helps Assure Reliable Data Delivery

Feature Overview

With the Store & Forward Add-On feature of OPC Router, data loss is prevented if the destination you are sending the data to is not available or unable to process the data fast enough. Destinations could include databases, MQTT brokers or anything where 100% uptime of communication is not assured and the data is critical.

  • When a connection is lost, OPC Router stores the data in it's local internal non-volatile database storage
  • When a connection is restored the data is transferred to the destination
  • Slow performing destination communication links also benefit from this buffering ability
  • Great for handling planned or unplanned target system downtime 
  • User configurable time range or amount of data, limited really by the nature of your data and disk space 

Application Example - SAP Integration

There are many reasons why an SAP or any ERP system could be down for planned or unplanned maintenance. Network failures, required system updates, even backups in some ERP will bring activity to a crawl. 

In these applications, the OPC Router Store & Forward feature can buffer that data and send it on via the OPC Router SAP connectors or other ERP connections such as SOAP web services or REST, when the ERP system is available again. 

Application Example - Cloud 

No matter how great your internet connections are, the chances of having interruptions or slowdowns when pushing data to the cloud are real. 

Big data analysis works best when there aren't significant gaps in the data whether it's raw, aggregated, or statistical data. Instead of tolerating gaps, you can use the OPC Router Store & Forward feature to buffer and deliver data as connections are available. 

Whether it's OPC data, database data, or data connected from any of the OPC Router's Plug-Ins, you'll be able to store & forward it with this feature. 

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