OPC Router Support & Maintenance

OPC Router interoperates with a wide range of systems, using a variety of standards and technologies. As changes happen in those standards and technologies, and Windows operating systems are updated, you want your system remain resilient to change.

All new OPC Router perpetual license purchases include 1 year of support & maintenance to help you achieve that goal. Support & Maintenance can be renewed on an annual basis and can be co-termed with other product licenses you have purchased from Software Toolbox.

If you choose subscription licensing, then support & maintenance is included in the annual subscription renewal.

How Support & Maintenance Pays

  • Free updates to the latest version of whatever edition of OPC Router you have purchased
    • Support for latest Windows Versions
    • Support for latest OPC Specification Updates and other technology updates
  • Unlimited email support and up to 4 hours of phone support per month during our normal business hours. 
  • Priority response from support staff with development knowledge, with the goal of responses within 2 hours during our normal business hours.
  • Technical support for licensing and installation issues
  • Guidance in troubleshooting potential product issues and working to provide workarounds until product patches/updates can be made to resolve the issues
  • Application troubleshooting advice
  • Re-registration and/or transfer of your license to a new computer or re-installation due to hardware failure
  • Priority access to paid professional services 

What Our Clients Say


OPC Router has enabled Kennametal to stream machine data up into the cloud seamlessly, and we pull and combine information from SAP and other data sources to have a more uniform data set for machine learning and dashboarding.

- Paul Baker, KennaMetal

X-Site Color Measurement

The OPC Router can be used flexibly as well as installed in an uncomplicated and cost-effective way – the ideal solution for integrating our measuring systems into different plant types

- Andrea Waneck, Application Manager, X-Rite

Not Covered by Support

We strive to keep our support and maintenance agreement renewal costs low in absolute US$ terms. To do that, there are things that are not included in the price of the agreements.  Our professional services can address some needs in the items not included, or we may refer you to a member of our system integrator partner network for other paid services. Contact us to discuss your options.

  • Building your configuration for you - our configuration assistance is focused on helping you get started and troubleshooting any challenges. Building full configurations is handled through our paid professional services. 
  • Debugging .NET scripting - if there is suspected a product issue, we ask that you reproduce the issue in as minimal of a application configuration as possible, and then we will use that configuration in our work to determine if there is a product issue
  • Support outside of our normal business hours
  • On-site support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get help if I am not on support?
    Assistance is available as paid professional services if you are not on support, or you can re-instate your support and maintenance agreement. In the event we are extraordinarily busy, support and maintenance agreement holders receive first priority for paid services. We recommend that you reinstate support, as that will give you priority access to paid professional services. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • If I do not renew support, will my software stop working?

    The product licensing will NOT stop OPC Router from working just because support is expired.

    However, if you are not on the most current version, we cannot guarantee that the product will work with newer Windows Versions, Windows Updates, if you are not on the most current version of the product.

    Keeping an active support and maintenance agreement helps you ensure compatibility with operating systems and compilers. Additionally, active support and maintenance provides access to our support team if/when any issues require assistance.

  • My support has lapsed, can I re-instate it?
    Yes, you can re-instate your support and maintenance agreement for OPC Router. The cost is typically approximately 50% of the cost of a new license.

    Please contact us for a quotation on reinstatement for your specific licenses.
  • Can I cancel my support and maintenance agreement?
    Support & Maintenance Agreements are non-refundable. If you no longer wish to continue support and maintenance for your product license, simply choose not to renew at the end of your current term.
  • Can I put all my Software Toolbox products on a common renewal date?
    Yes you can, and we encourage you to put all product licenses purchased from Software Toolbox onto a common agreement.

    If you purchased your license(s) through one of our channel partners, please work with them to choose your co-term renewal date and they will contact us.

    If you purchased your licenses directly from Software Toolbox, please contact us to obtain a quote. Be sure to include your requested co-term renewal date.
  • Will I be notified before my support and maintenance agreement expires?
    Yes, we typically send out renewal reminder notifications around 60 days prior to the expiration of your current agreement.

    Please ensure that we have a valid email address for the person(s) that handle support renewals for your licenses, so that they receive the notifications, and if the contacts change, please update us.

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The demo is the full product. When you put an OPC Router project into runtime, it will stop operating after 2 hours and have to be restarted. Purchase of a license will remove the restriction.

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