OPC Router Templates Provide Configuration Scalability

Templates Scale & Empower Standards

With large OPC Router projects, where you may have a large number of connections to common data sources or destinations, but only a few settings vary between each instance, templates are the answer to scalability.

You define a template for a connection and setup/define variables for the parameters that can change. Then you can use those templates to generate instances as required. By using the template you can insure that all other settings are made consistently with whatever standards you and your team have defined for your projects.

In the example shown here, there are 2 variables or parameters defined in the template, marked in yellow, that can be then populate when configuration object instances are made from the template.  An example of creating an instance from the OPC Router Configuration user interface is also shown. 

Free Training Video:  See OPC Router Templates in action

Multiple Template Instance Creation from Excel

In the example shown here, we create an Excel worksheet that lists the instance names, OPC server connection/tag references, and a unique ID for the instances. 

We then use the Create Multiple Instances feature to generate the connections in the OPC Router. 

Dynamic Templates Add Automation to Templates

With the optional Enterprise+ Add-on, your OPC Router project can take advantage of automating the creation of template instances.  You can manually create instances in batches or via a CSV file import, but also automatically via a SQL database that you reference in your project.

You can load up the variables for all your instances in a table, and as records are made in the database table, the new OPC router object instances will be made automatically. For example a new device is added and you want to have the OPC Router automatically setup a connection based on parameters that you perhaps input in some other system.  If a template is changed, perhaps a new parameter is added, existing instances will be automatically updated.

In the example here we have 2 instances that were loaded into a SQL table and upon commit of the rows, the object instances in the OPC router were automatically generated and made active. This image was made from our Templates Training Video where you can learn more. 

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