TOP Server Flexible Application Extensibility Options

Aggregating data from other sources

Data aggregation is the concept of bringing together data from different OPC servers (and other data sources) into a single platform, enabling any number of other systems to access this data through a single common interface.

Depending on what solution you choose, data aggregation is about more than just OPC - it's about centralized collection of data from all of your various data source to create a comprehensive data set for your entire enterprise.

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Transferring data between systems (i.e. bridging)

Many projects involve needing to associate data points in one system with corresponding data points in another system and transfer data between the two, referred to as "bridging" the data between the two systems.

Software Toolbox has several options for off-the-shelf bridging to save time and ensure reliable transfer of your process data between systems.

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Logging of process data to databases and text files

Sometimes you simply need to just log some data points to a database or CSV file for some basic reporting or trending purposes. Such applications typically don't have the large quantity of tags with frequent data changes that would generally require the data compression and sophistication of a full-blown historian.

For such basic logging needs, an OPC data logging solution meets the need and Software Toolbox has several options depending on the specific requirements of the project to meet that need.

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Secure Data Tunneling

OPC tunneling is an easier, more secure alternative to DCOM for remote OPC connections. Software Toolbox offers two methods of effectively tunneling your data: Data Tunneling and OPC-UA Tunneling.

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Configuration API

The Configuration API in TOP Server provides the ability to programmatically read and update the configuration in TOP Server from other software applications.

The Configuration API allows you to read, create, update, and delete channels, devices, groups, meter groups, tags, and select plug-ins.

The Configuration API is available for all supported functionality as a RESTful JSON web service or for select drivers and plug-ins as a .NET API (Contact Us for .NET API Details)

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If you are looking for an API to access real-time data, you can use our OPC Data Client toolkit to connect to the OPC DA & UA interfaces on TOP SErver

Add your own custom driver

If you can’t find a driver for the device you need to communicate with, but you have a protocol document you may be able to add your own driver to the TOP Server using the User-Configurable Driver (U-CON).

Or perhaps you've written a custom driver for your device already, but want to have SuiteLink, OPC DA or UA server interfaces to that driver. The Custom Interface Driver is a good option to integrate an existing custom driver with TOP Server, which provides the best OPC DA and other native interfaces without the cost of driver and OPC server development.

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