Application Reports gather diagnostic details for faster support

Easily collect files and information our support team needs to help you

The Application Report Utility installs with TOP Server and provides an easy-to-use method of generating pertinent information for both your TOP Server and overall PC system when troubleshooting problems with your TOP Server.  This includes your current TOP Server configuration file, event log, licensing information and other useful details.

Efficient and configurable utility for gathering troubleshooting information

The Application Report utility provides options for which information you wish need to generate, allowing you to then save all of the information to a convenient file location. The utility gathers such information as operating system, other installed software, registry entries and other vital information.

Whether you plan to use the generated information for your own troubleshooting purposes or submit the information to Software Toolbox for support, it is a useful alternative to searching for and compiling this information manually.

Collects by default the most commonly requested information for support

The default option when you first launch the Application Report utility (Start -> Programs -> Software Toolbox -> Application Report) is the Basic option.

Use the Basic option to collect key information to send to our technical support engineers when opening a case. This is always recommended, as sending us this report when you initially contact us can save time since we typically request this when you have an issue.

For situations where one of the TOP Server components may have stopped unexpectedly (i.e. crashed) the "Basic + Crash" option can be useful by also providing any generated crash dumps.

For situations where you may be experiencing unexpected memory usage or other behavior with one of the TOP Server components, the "Basic + Hang" option can be useful by including process dump captures for the TOP Server runtime and configuration. 

There is also an Advanced option which provides the ability to select which logs, datastores and dumps to include.  It is recommended only use options other than "Basic" if directed to by technical support for additional specific information that it typically not necessary for the majority of support issues.

Advanced Application Report provides flexible low-level troubleshooting

For particularly hard to trace issues, the Advanced mode of the Application Report utility might be requested. Advanced mode allows collection of multiple additional system details for more in-depth troubleshooting. This includes:

  • Dump file creation for any or all of TOP Server's related processes
  • Time/Date Range Selectable Options for how the utility should capture:
    • Event logs
    • OPC diagnostics
    • Communications/Protocol diagnostics
  • Options to include or exclude data storage archives for EFM and/or Local Historian plug-ins
  • Collecting crash dump information.

Important Notes:

  • For full details on using the Application Report utility, access the utility help file.
  • When contacting Software Toolbox technical support about an issue related to TOP Server, it is very helpful to include a Basic mode Application Report from the system/systems where you're experiencing issues.
  • In addition to including an Application Report when contacting technical support, it is recommended to also include a text version of the TOP Server event log from the affected systems (right-click in the Event Log and select "Save as Text File..."
  • It is not necessary to include your TOP Server project file if you are sending an Application Report.

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The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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