Keep Unresponsive Devices from Negatively Affecting Polling Performance

TOP Server auto-demotion minimizes the negative effects of unresponsive devices

TOP Server's device-level auto-demotion settings (sometimes referred to as slow polling) allow a driver to temporarily place a device off-scan in the event that a device is not responding. By placing a non-responsive device off-line, the driver can continue to optimize its communications with other devices on the same channel by stopping communications with the non-responsive device for a specific time period.

After the specific time period has been reached, the driver will re-attempt to communicate with the non-responsive device. If the device is now responsive, the device will be placed on-scan; otherwise it will restart its off-scan time period.

Devices on different channels will have a limited effect on communications due to the multi-threaded nature of the TOP Server. See Multiple connections for more information on this feature.

Slow and unreliable networks can be mitigated using auto-demotion

Auto-demotion is most frequently required for telemetry applications where remote serial and radio networks can negatively impact communications.  Removing an unresponsive remote device from the polling cycle of a channel greatly reduces the interruption of polling to the remaining devices on the channel that are responsive.

Coupled with configurable request timeouts and other timing related settings, auto-demotion provides the ability to fine-tune your communications on such systems.


Important Notes:

  • Auto-demotion settings support edits at runtime via either the TOP Server Configuration interface or via device-level system tags for each setting.
    • You can determine when a device is off-scan by monitoring its demoted state using the _AutoDemoted system tag.
  • It is recommended to start your project with auto-demotion disabled (this is the default state) until after you have verified communications to your devices is successful.
  • If you aren’t connected to a device in the field yet, you can disable the device in the TOP Server device properties while testing to avoid getting communications errors in the event log that can negatively affect performance.

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The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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