Share Data from One Device or System with Other Systems Using Bridging

What is data bridging?

Many projects involve needing to associate data points in one system with corresponding data points in another system and transfer data between the two, referred to as "bridging" the data between the two systems.

In the past, this task was commonly accomplished in a control system through some form of scripting. However, depending on your control system, this could be time and cost prohibitive.

Rather than rely on scripting for bridging data between systems, an off-the-shelf bridging solution saves time and ensures reliable transfers of your process data between systems.

Why would I use bridging?

In the real world, there are multiple brands of shop floor control system hardware in nearly every manufacturing facility. And there is generally an expectation that those systems need to be able to communicate with one another.

Bridging provides an effective means of sharing data between disparate systems, PLCs, and other control systems, especially in the age of OPC and other standards that can be used to access more and more data that has previously been inaccessible.

Bridging solutions make it possible to access and share data between different systems using off-the-shelf software with no scripting required, saving you time and effort.

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Data bridging for TOP Server drivers, other OPC servers and more with Cogent DataHub

The Cogent DataHub makes bridging between various data sources easy by providing an intuitive data bridging interface that allows you to define the point-to-point mappings. You can even go further by defining linear transformations that can be applied to the data as it passes from one system to another. For example, consider that you have a temperature in Degrees °F on one system and you want to map it to a system that is using Degrees °C.

Bridging makes this easy. And DataHub's wide variety of data interfaces allows bridging between far more than just OPC systems.

Advanced Tag plug-in for TOP Server provides integrated data bridging and more

The Advanced Tag Plug-in supports Link tags that can bridge data from one driver to another, including to and from other OPC UA and DA servers, as well as DDE servers and ODBC databases.

Any TOP Server driver's tags can be used as a source or target for bridging data between those different systems.

Redundant bridging between OPC DA servers with LinkMaster

The LinkMaster can move data between points in the same or different OPC DA servers connecting to different vendors devices with simple drag-and-drop configuration. LinkMaster also supports bi-directional bridges, eliminating the need to configure multiple bridges for the same points.

Additionally, LinkMaster also has built-in redundancy that allows a pair of LinkMaster machines to operate in redundant pairs where one LinkMaster machine operates as the "Primary" node and the other as the "Secondary" node to virtually eliminate lapses in bridging functionality.

Important Notes:

  • Cogent DataHub bridging is unique in that it supports bi-directional bridging in a single configured point-to-point bridge (as opposed to two separate point-to-point bridges, one for each direction). DataHub bridges OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC A&E, and OPC UA A&C. 
  • The TOP Server Advanced Tag plug-in supports bridging between any data sources accessible by TOP Server using its Link tags feature. 
  • LinkMaster currently only supports bridging between OPC DA server data sources.  Use DataHub or TOP Server if you need to bridge OPC UA, and DataHub to bridge OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C 

Need help deciding? Contact Us through chat on this page or by email below


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