Current TOP Server Download Version (6.15 R2) 6 Feb 2024

Product Download Details


Your download includes

  • The full functionality of TOP Server including all drivers, plug-ins, client interfaces and the RESTful web service configuration API.
  • One installer - The trial installer covers both demonstration and license-holder installations.
  • Fully functional without any tag or device count limitations, subject to the Trial Limitations (click link at left) unless you are upgrading an existing license that is on active maintenance and support agreement. 
  • Flexible OPC Quick Client is included for easily testing your TOP Server configuration and then connect your own HMI, SCADA, MES, Historian and other client applications later once you have proven out field connectivity.

Upgrading for Existing License Holders

If you are an existing license holder with a valid support and maintenance agreement, you can also use this download to update your current TOP Server installation. To renew or re-instate your support and maintenance agreement, please contact us.

Your free trial has these limitations

  • The TOP Server free trial runs for 2 hours at a time once communications to a device/system starts and must then be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.
  • There are no artificial limits that cause the ability to run for 2 hours at a time to end after a certain number of days.
  • At the end of each 2 hour period, any client connections to the free trial will be discontinued and have to be re-established after restarting the runtime service.
  • If you need a longer period trial or test license that won't time out after 2 hours, please contact us

Purchasing a license for the desired TOP Server driver, driver suite or plug-in will remove these demo limitations and you can put your configuration built with the trial into production use.

What you'll need to use the free trial

The following are the base requirements for using the current version of TOP Server. 

  • Windows 8 through 11 for desktop applications (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 through 2022 (32 and 64-bit)
  • A client application (OPC UA, OPC DA, FastDDE/SuiteLink or DDE)
    • Flexible OPC Quick Client is included for easily testing your TOP Server configuration (Connect your own HMI, SCADA, MES, Historian and other client applications later.)

For more details, review the TOP Server Specifications in our knowledgebase

How-to Documentation to help you with your trial software

Our knowledgebase contains a wide variety of application notes and how-to guides to help you get started quickly using TOP Server with your devices and client applications.

Additionally, our TOP Server blog has numerous how-to posts on working with TOP Server for specific drivers and functionality.

Access useful how-to guides and content through the Knowledgbase and Blog

Video how-to resources to help you with your trial software

Access helpful how-to videos for TOP ServerYou can access an extensive list of how-to videos on using various TOP Server features and drivers here.

TOP Server How-To Videos

Access the detailed documentation for a variety of help topics

Download the TOP Server Main Help FileThe TOP Server free trial installer will install detailed help files for the server and also for all drivers and plug-ins that you've selected during the installation.

Current version details and release notes history are available in our knowledgebase.

You can also access the PDF version of the main TOP Server help file here without installing the product.

Driver and plug-in specific help file PDFs are available on the corresponding driver and plug-in detail pages.

Need a prior version of TOP Server?

As a courtesy to our clients, we do keep older versions of TOP Server available for download because we understand that regulatory and/or change management policies may require you to use the same version on all of your systems.

For the most reliable and secure experience, it is always best to be on the latest version, as we are always improving the product and learning from past experiences. Please understand that if you use an older version of TOP Server, upgrading may be required to resolve a support issue.

Click Here to Select and Download Specific Prior TOP Server Versions

Our team is here to help!

Our technical support team is available to answer your questions or assist with your trial of TOP Server.  Contact them by:

Our support team is available Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM US Eastern Time.

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