TOP Server® - Enterprise Class Industrial Device Connectivity

OPC UA, DA & Native SuiteLink Connectivity for Thousands of Devices

  • OPC and native HMI device connectivity software targeting AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) applications
  • Connectivity to thousands of device types
  • Single, highly scalable application with protocol/vendor specific plug-and-play drivers
  • Flexible features reduce your total life cycle cost
  • Decreased learning costs thanks to a modular architecture and common methods across drivers
  • Multi–threaded application leveraging the latest in dual core processor and multi-processor technologies
  • Standard driver licenses start at USD $1846 with expert support & free upgrades for 1 year included
  • All standards-based client interfaces (OPC UA / DA Server, SuiteLink, and more) INCLUDED with all drivers at no additional cost
  • Industry Specific Suites including Oil & Gas and others, reduce licensing costs.

In addition to providing TOP Server, Software Toolbox is a single source for a unique mix of additional products, support, and expertise that have empowered thousands of users around the world to solve their information integration and connectivity challenges. Tell us your challenges, we’ll help you solve them.




  • Works With
  • OPC Standards Compliance
  • Native Client Interfaces
  • Flexible Features
  • Optional Add-ins
  • Configuration
  • Startup & Testing
  • Industries

Composite_Devices_BGConnect your industrial automation clients to more device types

TOP Server connects your various hardware systems to a large variety of industrial automation and control software including but not limited to HMI, SCADA, MES, Historians, and many more via its wide range of standard interfaces including OPC UA, OPC DA, AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) SuiteLink and more.

Explore What TOP Server Works With

OPC Compliance provides compatibility and interoperability

Support for the OPC standards insures that TOP Server is compatible with any OPC compliant HMI/SCADA, Historian and MES systems, with OPC Interoperability Options for compatibility with certain non-compliant behaviors.

HMI / SCADA / Historian / Native Client Interfaces


In addition to OPC interfaces and compliance, TOP Server supports the following vendor-specific interfaces:



Many TOP Server features increase usability and compatibility with your devices

TOP Server and it's many drivers include a number of flexible and powerful features designed to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize driver compatibility with the widest range of devices.

Native multiple CPU/processor, core, and hyper-threading support with user configurable processor settings empower high performance and flexibility.

The modular architecture and common user interface can lower your training costs. This results from the common methods used in 100’s of different drivers allowing you to learn TOP Server once and quickly apply the same knowledge to other drivers.

Explore TOP Server's Flexible Features

1_Screenshot_TOPServer-ChannelsDevicesGroupsScalable, Flexible Configuration of Your Device Communications

The TOP Server configuration interface is one of its key features. It provides you with the ability to quickly and effectively make the connections you require, while providing the flexibility and control you need to optimize your system.

The TOP Server configuration interface uses an architecture that makes it easy to setup both small and large scale projects and to apply learning from one driver to the many other drivers available through common settings across drivers.

Learn More about TOP Server Configuration

TS_CommDiags_450Startup & Testing Features Ease Troubleshooting & Ensure Successful Comms

TOP Server’s built-in startup and testing tools set it apart. The TOP Server lets you test the communications to your device using the OPC Quick Client and the Communications Protocol Diagnostics at the channel and device levels.

The Event Log shows detailed messages when you are having an issue and the Help files for each driver and the server in general covers what settings are, supported addressing syntax and the meanings of errors logged to the event log to point you in the right direction.

Explore TOP Server Startup & Testing Tools

Composite_TOPServer_Industries_Stacked_300px_SquareTOP Server is commonly used is a wide range of industries worldwide

TOP Server is ideal for use in virtually any industry due to its extensive driver list, compatibility with client software applications, flexible features, time-saving configuration and startup/testing tools, Software Toolbox’s extensive experience with applying TOP Server, and Software Toolbox’s responsive support in all phases of your projects.

And certain industries generally have specific communication protocol needs or standards that are commonly implemented industry-wide, so TOP Server has available vertical industry suites that provide bundles of the most common drivers per industry.

Learn About TOP Server Industry Solution Suites


  • Operating Systems
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Virtualization Support
  • Other Specifications
  • Release History
  • Documentation
  • Technical Blog
  • Videos
  • Troubleshooting

Visit our detailed historical matrix of TOP Server Versions and Operating Systems in our knowledge base if you need deeper information than shown below or are trying to determine what version you can run on older operating systems.

32-Bit (x86) and/or 64-Bit (x64) Operating Systems (including Service Packs)

  • Windows 11 (Pro, Enterprise and IoT Enterprise Editions, including LTSC versions)
  • Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise and IoT Enterprise Editions, including LTSC versions)
  • Windows 8.1 (Pro and Enterprise Editions)
  • Windows 8 (Pro and Enterprise Editions)
  • Server 2022
  • Server 2019
  • Server 2016
  • Server 2012 (including R2)

Considerations for 64-Bit Systems:

  • TOP Server supports a software or a hardware (USB) Key
  • When installed on a 64-bit OS, TOP Server will run in the WOW64 Windows sub-system (included on all 64-bit Windows OS). This is transparent to the user.

For best performance, TOP Server guidelines are that hardware should meet or exceed the recommended requirements for the Operating System to be used - we suggest reviewing the recommended requirements for the specific Operating System of the server where you plan to install TOP Server.

In general, though, the machine should have the following at a minimum:

  • 1 GHz Processor (defer to the recommendation for the OS)
  • 1 GB installed RAM (defer to the recommendation for the OS)
  • 530 MB available disk space
  • Ethernet Card
  • Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution video

TOP Server is supported on the following virtualization platforms:

  • VMWare (including ESXi and Workstation)
  • Hyper-V
  • Amazon EC2 (with ENI)
  • Microsoft Azure

OPC Standards, Native Client Interfaces and Other

  • OPC Standards Support - See Features, OPC Standards Compliance above
  • Native HMI Vendor Interface support - See Features, Native Client Interfaces above 
  • For any other capabilities, see Features, Flexible Features and Optional Add-Ins above
  • For # of device technical limitations, these are driver specific, often much larger than you think (i.e. 1000's) and can be found on each individual driver page, accessible from the TOP Server Drivers list

If you have a question that is not answered by this Resources area and the tips above, please contact us with your TOP Server specifications questions.


Find out what features, enhancements and fixes are included for each TOP Server release.

From real-world use cases and step-by-step how-to's to video tutorials, our blog contains useful resources and information to help you get connected to all of your process automation systems.

TOP Server Specific Blog Posts

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Screenshot - OmniServer Blog Resources

We know that sometimes it helps to see someone showing you how to do things. We have a wide range of videos available for TOP Server from short how-to videos to detailed on-demand webinars. 

Explore TOP Server Learning & Tutorial Videos



TOP Server includes multiple built-in tools for troubleshooting issues communications to your devices and with your HMI, SCADA and other client applications including:

Our video on TOP Server's troubleshooting tools is a good place to get started using those tools to troubleshoot your own issues. Our guide is a good resource, as well.

Additionally, our online troubleshooting flowchart for TOP Server is a good way to step through what might be causing an issue.



OPC UA-Specific Client Application Notes / Guides

Below are application notes that are specific to using OPC UA (DA Profile) client applications with TOP Server's included OPC UA server interface.

Rockwell Software-Specific Application Notes / Guides

Below are application notes that are specific to using Rockwell software applications with TOP Server via it's OPC DA interface.

Siemens Software-Specific Application Notes / Guides

Below are application notes that are specific to using Siemens software applications with TOP Server via it's OPC DA interface.

GE Intelligent Platforms-Specific Application Notes / Guides

Below are application notes that are specific to using GE Intelligent Systems software applications with TOP Server via it's OPC DA and native PDB interfaces.

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I can't say enough good things about your company. It's nice to do business with people who are dedicated to their products and their customers.

- Bob Coomes, Developer, Robert Bosch Corporation


TOP Server is a key part of all of our systems because it works the way you expect it to and the Software Toolbox team’s support and add-in products help us maximize our client’s results.

- Stefan la Grange, Software Engineer, AMR Automations

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The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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