Easily Replace Other OPC Server With Minimal Changes in Your Client

Configure TOP Server to replace old or legacy OPC DA servers

Many OPC DA client applications connect to an OPC DA server through the OPC server's ProgID. Occasionally, it may be necessary to migrate or upgrade to a new OPC server.

It can often be undesirable to have to make changes to every OPC DA client and users prefer a method to migrate without changing their tag database (which can contain thousands of tags that link to the OPC server ProgID).

The TOP Server provides an OPC ProgID Redirect feature which is primarily useful for replacing other OPC DA servers without requiring a lot of changes to the client application.

This functionality allows users to map another OPC server’s OPC ProgID registration to TOP Server, such that any OPC DA client using the other OPC server’s ProgID will access TOP Server instead.

ProgID Redirect enables TOP Server to replace any OPC DA server

The OPC ProgID Redirect settings are accessed through the TOP Server Administration interface. Once configured, any OPC DA clients referencing the defined redirects will connect to TOP Server instead of the other OPC server.

In addition to being useful for migrating from other OPC Servers, this functionality is also useful when upgrading to TOP Server V6 from older versions of TOP Server that may still be running at your locations.

This functionality has also been useful in situations where custom OPC DA clients are in use that were developed with the OPC server ProgID hard-coded such that it is not possible to change it when switching to TOP Server.

The TOP Server ProgID Redirect feature allows users to enter the legacy server's ProgID. The server handles creating the necessary Windows Registry entries to allow a OPC DA client application to connect to the server using the old server's ProgID.

Important Notes:

  • It is necessary for any OPC DA client applications currently running to be restarted for ProgID Redirect changes to take effect.
  • The TOP Server runtime service or process must be restarted once ProgIDs have been configured for them to be accessible to your OPC DA client applications.
  • A redirected ProgID cannot be browsed by OPC DA client applications that use the OPCEnum service to locate OPC servers. In most cases, users can enter the redirected ProgID into the client application manually, if it didn't exist previously.

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The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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